Phantasy Star Online 2 PS Vita Sales Exceed 1.5 Million Downloads

SEGA has announced that the total download number of the PS Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 has reached and exceeded 1.5 million.

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SirBradders336d ago

Bring to the west and that will triple.

Sega you are pure pony.

gamer7804336d ago

exactly, sega doesn't have a clue when it comes to publishing. they messed up bigtime with bayonetta too. bring pso2 to the west, its basically done, I've played it a couple years ago when they accidently opened their servers to the west for a few days, all of the text was translated. It would take virtually 0 work to bring it to the west.

pietro1212336d ago

Bring it to the west on both the Switch and Vita

awdevoftw336d ago

My brothers and I would have bought copies if brought West. Ps4 and vita. My brother has been playing the Japanese pc version, but it's too much headache for me.

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