Valve Continues To Work on Steam Redesign

Kroll confirmed that Valve is still working on the new interface for Steam. The bad news is that he did not share more details about it since they are not ready to talk much about it. So, you should not expect it to be revealed at the Valve meeting with developers that will be held on January 22 in Milan, Italy.

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chris235309d ago

they should rather install a quality check team. too many games on there are not worth anything. but they only care for the revenue. that‘s why i only use it when there is a game i can‘t get for the ps4. and this is like once per year.. but people seem to like crap as long as it‘s discounted.

ONESHOTV2309d ago

"that‘s why i only use it when there is a game i can‘t get for the ps4" there are thousands of games on steam that's not on the PS4 so i guess you are using steam a lot then

EatCrow309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I think you failed to understand my comment. Which I thought was pretty simple.
Reread it and use some critical thinking I guess. Then youd see what I was trying to say I guess. I know that none of the top selling are shit. But @Chris is implying that shit discounted games is what people want. The top sellers points to the opposite being true good discounted games is what sells on steam.

EatCrow309d ago

Well all you have to do is look at the top sellers to see the discounted crap you speak of that sells well.

ONESHOTV2309d ago

DUDE NONE OF THE TOP SELLING GAMES ON STEAM RIGHT NOW IS SH--T. dude look at the PS store the top 10 games are nothing but third party and you want to say the games on steam are trash lol try again

Razzer309d ago

You think consoles aren’t loaded with crap games? You would be wrong. Either way, crap games are easy enough to spot. The user review system and refund capability haven’t failed me yet.

Prince_TFK309d ago


Try Life of the Black Tiger on the PS4. I know you’ll love it.


roland82309d ago

That's funny. I only use the ps4 when there's a game I can't get on Steam

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ONESHOTV2309d ago

steam is ahead of everyone and i don't see it being stopped long live lord gaben lol

naBs309d ago

That's all cool and all but when the fuck are they gonna learn to count to 3???? I'm dying for a Left 4 dead 3 D:

CBaoth309d ago

Maybe Valve should work on....oh I don't know...perhaps some new games? Keep playin DOTA n eatin those bon bons Sally Struthers. All that cash apparently made you forget why we supported Steam in the 1st place

Thunder_G0d_Bane309d ago

The UI desperately needs a revamp. I don't even let it start automatically on log in. Battle Net app just so much slicker an neat.

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