Top 5 NES Games That Need A Current Gen Remake - The announcement from Nintendo that a new Punch Out will finally find its way to our consoles later in 2009 has me jumping with joy. I rented Punch Out so often growing up that I'm sure I tripled the profit margin for the little corner store in my home town.

I still remember trying to beat Glass Joe in record time, making sure I unloaded enough "special" punches that he stayed down after one knock down. The first time I realized that a well timed punch to the chest would not only stop that damn charge from Bald Bull, but it also knocked his big ass down-though he always got back up. I remember the first time I beat the game by conquering the impervious Mike Tyson. Though it was by decision, I managed to survive the entire nine minutes and that was no easy feat.

This got me thinking. Punch Out is one of a long list of incredible NES titles that I'd love to see a current-gen sequel to, or at the very least a current-gen remake. So hit the jump to see the top 5 NES franchises I'd love to see make a comeback and in which genre.

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M_Adkins3566d ago

River City Ransom for sure.