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mohib-uddin79865323567d ago

I bet if you saw soemthign nostalgic (remembering the past)

then you would definatley buy it. It will completly change your opiniom in this game

my nostalgic things was "FFX to Zarnakand Juke Box level".

I almost cried. You may come across yours soon !

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

...LBP is going to Dump all over the xBox 360 and Micro$luts!!! ;-D

JOLLY13567d ago

I thought forum posts weren't allowed to be submitted.

^_^3567d ago

||I have pre-ordered this game,wooo its going to be great playing the full game||

Lanoire3566d ago

Make no mistake xbots. LBP will get GOTY and get a metacritics of 96%+
Outscoring every damn piece of shiat on the trashbox.

Man, dont you feel like a fking loser for not owning a PS3 with this game and trolling here on the internet, damn xbot?

theKiller3566d ago


the Good: its the best game ever and innovative, have great graphics for a 2/3D game and sure fun as hell, easy to play

the bad: too much variety

Total score: 8/10
1 for being ps3 exclusive, 0.5 for sony not advertising it enough on GameSpot and another 0.5 a present for MS

i think this game should be the highest rated game of all time, since its making its own genre and brings innovation and defined what is fun play for the current gen not just by moving ur hand to all directions all the time

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ape0073567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

after seeing those created levels

I can easly say it's going to be a generation defining game

infinite fun confirmed

mohib-uddin79865323567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I love PS3 and hated this game becuase why would i want to play a mario level if i can play the real game?

But when i saw that "FFX to zarnakand juke box" level it completely changed my opinion and i decided to buy this game. to look at all the other creative things people make !

I think if they saw something from their fav game in LBP then they would BUY IT !!!

mohib-uddin79865323567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Its true that their will be a sh*t load of crappy levels in this game

but among every 1000 or 1 million sh*t load of crappy levels their will always be a jewel...

and it will make you go "WOW . THIS IS LIVING !"

faisdotal3567d ago

Yes. Not every level is good.I'm pretty sure they have thought about this so people will find the good ones 80% of the time.

nbsmatambo3567d ago

this is and will be expected of all reviewers to give this game a 10/10, if not meta critic is rigged >.<

yaboi3567d ago

the game is amazing and should be goty or a competitor for it.
i hope this game comes to be a great one.

sony surely has a masterpiece this year!!!

*yes i own both consoles*

deeznuts3567d ago

Its the internet. Word will spread about the good levels. There will be rankings. It won't be daunting.

Just enjoy.

Especially for uncreative mofocks like me, I will enjoy other people's work.

mikeslemonade3567d ago

It's going to beat Zelda. You heard it here first. Mikeslemonade said it first!

loki_ns3567d ago

My first game console was Atari 2600, I can't remember being this excited about a game... there, I said it.

meepmoopmeep3567d ago

go for the throat, Sackboy!

"Rating LBP is like rating yourself"
- Mr Swede

^_^3567d ago

||Infinite fun I like that saying||

shovelbum3567d ago

Just as I wrote on another topic. No game should ever get a score of 10/10. There has never been a perfect game and never will be. I have really enjoyed the LBP Beta but it does have a couple issues: excessive loading times and minor control issues. I'd score the Beta alone as a 9.8 but not a 10.

mfwahwah3567d ago


I don't agree with your opinion. A game can be scored a 10 if it truly sets itself apart from other games. LBP is new, it's different, it's good. It deserves 10/10.

And you go so far as to rate a beta. I don't even cross that line :o

uie4rhig3567d ago

there is 'top rated' list and 'top viewed' and these stats in the game...

Lanoire3566d ago

Anyone who does not own a PS3 soon or this holiday season, is a LOSER.

PS3 has the best line up ever seen and it has the most revolutionary game ever seen.

LBP is gaming 2.0 and will be ULTRA FUN this holiday season.

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JOLLY13567d ago

good job. You have been a n4g member for less than a whole day and have already managed to pass the test to become a news submitter. For only being here one day nasim....I mean eric you have also already went down to 4 bubble. How is your friend lanoire? you guys sure talk to each other a lot. Heck you guys even say a lot of the same stuff. It's weird it almost looks like you are talking to yourself in the post where you and lanoire sit there and agree with each other. Well I think it is really cute.

dro3567d ago

i would love to see how kotaku will downplay this game.....

on topic:...i put money for this to take game of the year :)

mgs4 will take best action game/best movie/best graphics/best stealth game but not game of the year ;D

LBP FTW.... :D

DaTruth3566d ago

This game sucks! Too much variety. <sarcasm>

Deviant3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

a taste of things to come ....

create some mortal kombat levels xD

^_^3567d ago

||lol i will be Sack-Zero and freeze everything||