Sony CES 2018 Trailer Features Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and Dreams; "Positive Momentum" Cited

Sony showcased some of the biggest upcoming PS4 exclusives in its CES 2018 press conference trailer, including Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and Dreams.

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FallenAngel1984337d ago

Sony continuing to show the diverse strength of their first party lineup

GaboonViper337d ago

GoT was a jawdropping but pleasent surprise, i can't wait to get my hands on it.

LordStig336d ago

I hope that shadows die twice isn't Tenchu because i want GOT to get alot of spotlight.

WilliamSheridan336d ago

Literally nothing new though right? Same games...

ILive335d ago

They also have blade runner 2048. Which is was one of the best films last year.

Father__Merrin335d ago

GoT will be a great game tbh you won't find anything like it on steam uplay or origin that's why it's well worth it now to invest in a ps4

Dragonscale335d ago

@will, nothing new? Most of the upcoming playstation titles are new ip's except gow which is a re-imagining but pretty much a new ip tbh. 2018 on ps4 is gonna make xbone look almost embarrassing, even psvr this year puts xbone in the shade, and the switch also.

And as for xbone, same story...


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-Foxtrot336d ago

I wish Sony Pictures was as good as their gaming's awful. The decisions they make and what films to make along with how to produce them...yeeesh.

Rimeskeem336d ago

Some of them at surprising but a lot are shite. Now they don’t even have James Bond ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brazz336d ago

They have some good movies, like baby driver, but yeah, those are rare.

Cuzzo63336d ago

Awful?... Sony movie division has been in the top five movie studios in markets share and sales for the past 10 years. And this year in 2018 They have a 27%markets share and top of the list for the start of 2018... All of their Spiderman movies do good numbers. But that's jus the tip of the iceberg. They have Hotel Trans sequel coming and lots more.

zeuanimals336d ago


Sony Pictures Classics and Tri-Star tend to produce a lot of their better films. The rest of their portfolio is pretty bad in comparison, especially Screen Gems. We have them to thank for those god awful Resident Evil films. And don't even get me started on their animation department. We don't need anymore emoji or smurf movies.

UltraNova335d ago

Yeah...many of their movies are totally shit. I mean The Emoji Movie? Really Sony? What's next, The Selfie Stick Movie? And what's after that, the obligatory ensemble movie(ala Avengers) The Instagram movie???


Granted they have their good moments as well like the above mentioned Baby Driver and Spiderman among others.The also made close to a billion dollars from their movies in 2017 if Variety's report is to be believed.

That said, Sony needs to stop chasing what's popular today and get more creative.

kneon335d ago

Take a look at any movie studio and you'll find that most of them make crap movies, they rely on a few hits to make up for all the losers.

DillyDilly335d ago

They did finally make a good one in Jumanji after so many crap films lol

-Foxtrot335d ago


Seriously? They produce more shit then gold man.

Spiderman was decreasing with the Amazing Spiderman 2 which is why the third film and the number of side projects like the Sinister Six films never happened. It was so bad they decided to join with Marvel to lend the character out. With what's been said about their Spiderman-less Venom spin off film, well that sounds awful.

Most of their good films are in partnership with other studios

ILive335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

They had blade runner 2048. And that most was one of the best last year. I was trying to respond to foxtrot initially.

Silly gameAr335d ago

Have to say I agree. I don't know how a lot of the movies Sony puts out even make it out. They need to come with better quality, and less trash.

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welly300337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Sony are back at what they do best.... things i cant afford😔

jeremyj2913335d ago

Ugh, tell me about it! I've been thinking of getting a second job just to help with my gaming habbit.

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Godmars290337d ago

Why are they showing of games? CES is where they should be showing what the PS4 itself does as an electronic device. What services if any they plan to add. Games should be for E3.

The_Sage336d ago

Games are what the electronic device was primarily made for.

vivid83336d ago

Because they did that four years ago

LP-Eleven336d ago

This can't be a serious post.

rainslacker336d ago

How do you show what a game system can do if not for the games? It's an electronic device, but it's a specific kind of electronic device. Games seem the most obvious thing to show.

MoonConquistador336d ago

I think what he means is why didn't Sony put all their efforts into backwards compatibility and just show us how Grand Theft Auto 3 could look rather than awesome looking new IP's etc.

For shame Sony, for shame.

Elda336d ago

The PS4 is a gaming device & you show of the exclusive games for the gaming device. Smh.

boing1335d ago

Because they have games to show?

360ICE335d ago

"Why are they showing of games?"
"CES is where they should be showing what the PS4 itself does as an electronic device."
You just answered your own question.

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