Nintendo's Region-Free Policies Have Created Unintentional Discounts

Kyle Rogacion writes: "As was the case with Russia’s pricing exploitation, gamers have found a way to abuse both regional pricing and the Switch’s region-free policies. It’s surprisingly easy and technically legal."

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Nerdmaster344d ago

This is why we can't have nice things. Nintendo finally dropped region locking so we could play games that weren't released in our region, or not make us buy another console if we moved to another continent, and people find a way to show Nintendo exactly why maybe they should have kept it region locked...

Princess_Pilfer344d ago

Only if they're stupid. You don't punish all consumers because a minority is exploiting the system.

G3ng4r344d ago

Yeah you do. It was only going to become more known and cost them.

Princess_Pilfer344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

No, you don't. See, the type of people who's abuse that are *also* the type of people who jailbreak things and play the games more cheaply (or free) anyways. All you do when you region lock is punish "normal" consumers. Everyone else can get around it, or not buy it at all.

shingojacky344d ago

I myself brought Gogoroa from Mexican eshop...

Ra3v3r343d ago

I buy most of my digital stuff on the US store and I'm in the UK. Their digital pricing is more in line with our boxed pricing. Plus I'd rather give the money to Nintendo and the Dev than get it through an import store that ramps up the prices. Having the market place open also means you can get the digital stuff a day earlier (or often weeks/months) if you buy from other regions. I do it with my PS4 and Xbox as well.