Will Overwatch's Mercy Nerfs Ever End?

The unrelenting Mercy nerfs keep coming and it's getting harder to use with each change.. Will Blizzard ever find a way to balance her Resurrect ability?

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-Foxtrot311d ago

Nerf Mercy
Leave Hanzo

311d ago
EazyC311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Just put Junkrat back to the way he was (2 mines is silly, it was fine before)and make soldier a little weaker (either dmg or slow his
self-heal) , that's it!

Youngindy21311d ago

The whole point of soldier is to deal damage, hence why he is an attack character, but I agree about Junkrat.

-Foxtrot310d ago

People don't even use the mines the way they are supposed to...they use them as an explosive to deal damage, not knock people around.

I say cut the damage or remove it while only having fall damage if they are shot up into the air and fall back down far.

isa_scout311d ago

Diva is always the character that feels OP in my matches.

cellfluid310d ago

Hanzo needs to be nerf and d va alt needs to be tweak so many times her alt went through walla and kilt my character not to mention her matrix be blocking shots from the back and the side.. This games needs the bugs worked out b4 they think about nerfin characters...