Halo 6 Needs to Bring Back ‘Invasion’ Mode

Halo is in a tough spot right now. Its most recent game Halo 5: Guardians has taken a lot of heat over the past three years for everything from its misleading advertising and subsequently disappointing story to its lack of split-screen and multiplayer changes. If 343 Industries (aka 343i) and Microsoft want Halo to remain a marquee brand, they’re going to have to inject some of that classic Halo magic into the upcoming Halo 6. 343i seems to have recognized this, as they’ve already promised that split-screen multiplayer will be making its return in the next Halo game. It’s a good start, but they’re going to need to address Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer issues if they want Halo 6 to bring back the fans lost by its predecessor. There are plenty of things that could be done to accomplish this and chief among them is increasing the variety of unique multiplayer modes available to players. One game mode that would thrill both long-time Halo fans and new players would be a full and proper “Invasion” mode.

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Dlacy13g337d ago

I actually happen to think one of the problems Halo MP suffers from is it actually offers too many different game play modes. I think they have more gameplay modes than any other shooter or game for that matter and it kind of dilutes the player count in all modes due to so many branching modes. I mean I love the variety on one hand but could see the benefit of trimming down.

shiva1337d ago

Halo 3 was best in that matter

sezesawas337d ago

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spicelicka337d ago

I think it shouldn't matter as long as there are people to play with. I mean I usually don't have trouble finding people no matter what game mode I play. The key is to have a large player base so the dilution isn't noticeable.

You also have to consider that reducing game modes may actually just turn people off the game. I occasionally dip into other modes but spend the most time in fiesta and custom games. If those were removed I may just prioritize playing other games. It's never good to give people something and take it away. What they could do is perhaps rearrange MP structure to better regulate the population.

slate91337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Take out sprint, keep parkour, make unique maps outside of the obvious bland forge-crafted ones, and boom you're back.

343_Guilty_Spark336d ago

I’m a Spartan - a 400 lb killing machine that can run 60 mph. I want my abilities.

Plus Sprint ain’t going to save you from these headshots!

slate91336d ago

Lol! Hey man, terrorists and swat can also sprint, but that didn't stop counter strike from sticking to its roots.

DaDrunkenJester337d ago

Halo 5 multiplayer issues? Halo 5 had one of the best MP's of the series. Extremely well supported also.

PhantomS42337d ago

Well supported, yes. Best? Not even close. Deviated waaaaaay too much from what put Halo on the map. It's certainly fun but Halo 3 is still the king. Even Halo Reach, which also deviated a lot, still stuck to the classic formula. 343i needs to bring the series back to its roots and what fans love about the series.

343_Guilty_Spark336d ago

Halo 5 MP blows 3 out of the water. Not even close.

Elit3Nick336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Halo 5 went back to fair starts, you could no longer choose your starting weapon and an ability, both things which were introduced in Halo: Reach, which are what made MP frustrating. Armor lock was abused like crazy and simply removed some of the threat of power weapons.

Halo 5's MP is second place in my honest opinion, while I did enjoy it more than Halo 3's, Halo 3 had so many options when it came to the game types as well as custom games, which Halo 5 didn't get until later in its life.

spicelicka337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

The campaign criticism was justified but I think it's unfair to not recognize how great halo 5's multiplayer is. There are definitely issue with the lack of split-screen and not enough attention to Big team battle, but they did a lot of great things with MP and the support has been incredible. The addition of a custom games browser is probably the biggest achievement, people have been asking for that since Halo 2.

Would love if invasion comes back though!