Switch Succeeds Because it Appeals to Pretty Much Everyone (Discussion)

"Andrew and I sit back and chat the insane 2017 that Nintendo had with the Switch. From the spectacular AAA third-party games, charming indies, to the amazing first-party titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. We think the Switch appeals to pretty much every type of gamer out there. People who own a PS4 and/or Xbox One, PC gamers, as well as hardcore and casual gamers." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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SuperSonic91343d ago

TBH the PS4 appeals more than the Switch on another power level.
Proof is it outsells the Switch 2:1 this year even if its 4 years old (while the Wii already nose dived at that point). 20. 2 million vs 10 million units says it all.

The appeal of the Switch is the on the kids coming from the 3DS platform (not the Wii U nor the home console gamers) - where Nintendo 'family friendly' franchises & the portability factor of the hardware plays a major role.

Nintendo tries to hit two markets with one stone and hits the 3DS fans as expected but the diminishing Nintendo fanbase trend is showing its rear end because the appeal of the PS4 as a home console is hugely undeniable.

Everytime Nintendo or Xbox announce their figures PS4 almost always double dumps on them when its time to announce theirs.

Shiken343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

As a 30 year old adult with a full time job and four kids, my Switch sees much more action than my PS4 these days. It really does appeal to the mature demographic even more so than kids, believe it or not. It caters well to both demographics.

I have my PS4 for games that do not come to Switch, but the games that do come to it I buy the Switch version hands down. One purchase with the option to play at home on the TV or during my downtime at work. For me, it is a no brainer.

What people like you need to realize is that not everyone will have the same views or values that you might have. Some will want portability, some will want more power. Some, like me, will get both and have no reason to try to discredit the success of another platform.

Nintendo is doing great, and so is Sony. Get over it.

BLKxSEPTEMBER343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Pause...30 years old with 4 kids? Someone has Been VERY busy lol

Shiken343d ago

And people say gamers can't get laid 😎

Shiken343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


Based on your immature attitude, I hardly believe you are 30 and married for 12 years. You are trying way to hard son.

If you are that old, god help your wife and kids.

Gemmol343d ago

You writing the same thing which shows me you do not understand anything at all, all systems that are selling well sell more than their first sales this year beat their first year on the market......after the first year companies are able to make more systems its just common sense, switch first year is almost over, then you can compare it second year vs ps4 second year

Eidolon343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Oops replied to wrong comment.

SuperSonic91343d ago

PS4 selling 20.2 million on its 4th year means it sells itself by its games and not by collective media hype and overrrating. Soon the lack of high quality games will seal the fate of the Switch

acnookjr343d ago

@supersonic. By your doom and gloom of the Switch, the PS4 is doomed to fail soon. After all, the Switch and PS4 sales are on par with each other the launch year. I didn't know you can also see in the future and know that the Switch will lack games. The Switch lineup and support exceeds the Wiis.

ABizzel1343d ago

The Switch is successful IMO, because of several reasons 4 reasons.

1. Nintendo home and handheld IPs on one platform.
2. Having a strong year 1 launch of Nintendo exclusives (at the cost of the Wii U, but it is what it is)
3. Being a handheld / tablet, thus catering to Nintendo's largest hardware fanbase.
4. Still being able to be used as a home console thanks to the dock.

Nintendo games are what carry their hardware, always has and always will going forward, and the Switch has been blessed with having the full support of both Nintendo's handheld and console developers being in one spot allowing them to have full fledged Zelda's, Mario's, and Xenoblades (aka traditional console games), be at home on the Switch alongside handheld franchises like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and more. Thanks to this Nintendo has been able to basically release an exclusive every single month, giving their fans a full month of dedication to the new releases.

On the hardware side things just came together perfectly for them, and that's honestly thanks to NVIDIA doing the ground work. Yes Nintendo has done handhelds for decades now, but the Switch is practically the NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2, with Nintendo's design input, and that's excluding the fact that it uses NVIDIA's tegra processor.

So everything about the Switch was almost a perfect for storm for them, that came together exceptionally well. Yes it could be a bit more powerful for 3rd party games, yes the battery could be better, yes it could have more memory, yes it could be cheaper around $249, yes it's online needs improvement, but overall what's there is good enough (except online voice) and exactly what Nintendo fans want, and what Nintendo needed to differentiate itself from the other consoles and find its own successful niche.

The Switch is probably they're most thought out and best designed device ever.

NotoriousWhiz343d ago

@Shiken, you have a hard time believing that someone that got married at 18 is immature?

cooperdnizzle343d ago

Yeah but I don’t think you’re a normal 30 year old male. Well maybe you are, but down time at work? How that appeals to anyone is beyond me. I don’t have enough time to play at work. Then there is the whole playing on the way to work, But I don’t take a bus I drive. The one up side is if you travel a lot and have to have a video game console, well that seems acceptable. Last point I’m an adult if I want to play a video game well I have a tv and if that tv is being used well damn I’m in luck because I have another tv which is way bigger than a 6 inch screen. I do however like the games Nintendo has made for the switch and enjoy playing them because they are good games.

balance2theforce343d ago

Truth and so much of it. The fact that I can continue playing any and everywhere I want to is enticing enough for me to buy even more games that I usually might just overlook or never try or perhaps buy on another console or once I would never try. Once you get a a job, have even some kind of social life, agirlfriend/wife/husband etc you realize how much free time that you don't have.

And for that first saltbringer that rushed in here to shill for siny right off the bat that you were responding to ironically enough, during the holidays a lot of ps4's that I saw being gifted or shopped for were for peoples children. I don't know why everybody try to act like their choice is the definitive right one or supposed grown-up one around here.

I guess whatever makes them feel better or gives them a sense of superiority for once in their life I suppose. Truth be told, with all those console sold you can guaran-f'ing-tee that a lot of those are for kids and casuals. Nobody gets that large of a user base without them. That's a f****ng fact, so don't get it twisted.

And please shut the hell up with that power aspect rhetoric if you're not a PC gamer dude. Hell most of the people here won't even touch an Xbox1X controller. A box which defecates all over a ps4, the "pro", Switch and all of that. Folks like that joker only like the power argument when it's convenient. As power means nothing when someone brings up the Xbox One X or a PC, but all of a sudden they want to play the power card with the Switch. Get a PC or get the hell out of here with that phony, convenient bullshit. Like this guy or gal said, get over it!

thesoftware730343d ago

Well said, I feel exactly the same way as you.I have 3 kids, and the switch gets more play time than my Xbox or ps4, down time at work I sometimes play my Switch and it's fun as hell. I to only buy Xbox one or ps4 games I can't get on switch..if it's multiplat with all 3 systems, and the switch version performs well.. I will 100% buy the play anywhere version.

Hey MS should let Nintendo have that play anywhere slogan, it's more fitting for the switch rather than Xbox and pc lol.

Knushwood Butt343d ago

'What people like you need to realize is that not everyone will have the same views or values that you might have.'

A valid point in a thread stating that the Switch appeals to pretty much everyone.

It's way too big to appeal as a portable to me.

Nintendo first party does not interest me more than the competition.

Still, they've had a successful launch. Well done.

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343d ago
BLKxSEPTEMBER343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The PS4 appeals more than the switch to whom? You speak as if your word is the law which it most certainly is NOT! I am as hardcore as it gets and I can tell you now that I use my Switch these days more than my PRO.

PhantomS42343d ago

So you're saying that the Switch doesn't appeal and isn't good because it didn't sell 20.2 million units in less than a year when it's taken PS4 to even make those numbers? Both PS4 and Switch are very good at appealing to a wide audience and expecting them to sell 4 years worth of PS4 units in 10 months is absolutely ridiculous, even for a hater.


Only took ONE post for someone to mention something about PS4 into the conversation. What a surprise 🙄

balance2theforce343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Lmao it was inevitable man. Crazy how these guys can't stand to hear anyone talk about, enjoying or giving credit to anything but the box and brand that they worship.

343_Guilty_Spark13h ago
This a Switch thread.

Come on buddy, you're not new here. You know how it is. Hell judging by some of the stuff out there more and more of the gaming world is beginning to see how it is. For just one day it would be cool to just have regular discussion and discourse about any and all things gaming without having to worry about a whole bunch of flaming, trolling, console war BS or any kind of judgement.

originaljohn343d ago

The switch really is more versatile as a games system than the PS4 and therefore appeals to many more people.
It's fantastic the PS4 had a great holiday season (5.9 million sales) but compared to last year hardware sales are down for the period (6.2 million). Spin it anyway you want that's a decline in hardware sales during the busiest shopping period of the year.

SuperSonic91343d ago

How is 20.2 million units sold in 2017 a decline compared to 17.5 million units sold in 2016?

3-4-5343d ago

* I have had Switch since launch and I've only used it 100% as a console. Haven't even used it as a handheld yet.

Some people have done the opposite and plenty in between. There is a way to play for the Pro controller is my new favorite controller so it's a huge reason I play the way I do.

For games....there is just enough for everyone right now.....or about as much variety as we could have hoped for in year 1.

CorndogBurglar343d ago

@ yeahokwhatever

The Switch is destined for Wii status? So its destined to sell over 100 million units in its lifetime?

Thats pretty damn good. Not sure what point you're trying to make.

darthv72343d ago

Funny but i thought the same thing. If it sells like the Wii then that really aint so bad. It shows Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle for the second time.

Segata343d ago

in my 30s have a PS4 and Switch.

G3ng4r343d ago

*Enters thread about switch*
*Slips a fart and waits*

Imalwaysright343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It seems that N4g has found Edmix successor...

No one is saying that the PS4 isn't appealing, the writer is just saying that the Switch appeals to people that own other platforms which is a valid point considering that the experiences it provides can't be had on other platforms
and their quality is apparent to most hence the praise from gamers, developers and critics and even here of all places, I've seen a good amount of people stating that the Switch is a great second console or a console that they were considering buying. No one is saying that your beloved PS4 is to be replaced so there is no need to get so defensive.

I have no idea what makes you say that the Switch appeals just to 3ds owners when it's the clear successor of the Wii U, its 1st party experiences are those of a home console, not handheld and everyone knows that Nintendo's consoles are bought for their 1st party and the 3ds is still on the market.

michellelynn0976343d ago

Um no they don't. Also, this is the Swtch's first year. Dang, talk about misinformation. Lol wow

wonderfulmonkeyman343d ago

Hey, there are plenty of anecdotes from other-console-owners and Nintendo fans that have been disenchanted with Nintendo since the Gamecube days, where they're picking up the Switch because they love what it's offering both in games and in convenience.

And Switch just broke two records for fastest-selling console in two major regions.
One of which the PS2 held for years upon years of time.

No one's saying that the Switch appeals to power junkies; that's just ridiculous.
What people mean when they say everyone, is usually people that aren't invested mostly in graphics. People who have a wide breadth of genres that they like playing, especially those that love indie games.
People of nearly any age group, but mostly young adults.

marloc_x343d ago

..too bad Sony can't catch Ninty's exclusive attach rate.

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bluefox755343d ago

Doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe it's because I'm the only person in the world that's not interested in mobile gaming, but I was hoping for a proper home console from Nintendo rather than a hybrid, oh well.

ptownjbo343d ago

But.. you can use it as a proper home console. It offers the choice. That’s the appeal! Haha

CorndogBurglar343d ago

How is it not a proper home console?

You can set it up on your tv and never use it as a portable system and nothing would queue you in on it not being a proper console.

kneon343d ago

So then my PSP Go is a proper console. I can connect it to my TV and use a dualshock 3 to play games. And I've done that when travelling, I just packed the controller and cables and hooked it up to the TV in my room.

darthv72343d ago

@kneon, i too have a PSP Go and do the same with hooking it to a tv but the difference between the Go and Switch is the Switch was properly designed to scale to a TV when docked. The Go does not, plus not all the games react to the DS controller the same way. They did not make it so the right analog stick was active on games that could benefit from it.

Switch was a hybrid that improved on the idea of being a hybrid than the Go. Go is a hybrid as well... just not that many knew about it and Sony didnt really do their best efforts to ensure it would be taken advantage of. Vita could have been much improved over the Go if it had TV support but that was another missed opportunity.

NotoriousWhiz343d ago

@kneon, I didn't know your psp go featured seamless couch co-op multiplayer with 4 people.

G3ng4r343d ago

@kneon Yeah bro you're good to go. Long live the psp go console.

michellelynn0976343d ago

According to them. They get to make up their own definition of what a home console is. That is how privileged theae radicals are.

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VersusDMC343d ago

What's the spectacular AAA third party games? If you're a competitive shooter player or sports game player then this isn t the console for you. Not "bro" gamer friendly.

NotoriousWhiz343d ago

True, it doesn't appeal to the call of duty player.

TekoIie343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

God help us because that's an untapped market in this industry/s

SuperSonic91343d ago

I don't het where they pulled out that " spectacular AAA third party games" either.

michellelynn0976343d ago

LA Noire, Doom, Skyrim. Get off it and enjoy your machine.

VersusDMC343d ago

Those games are spectacular AAA third party games? Ok. Just needed to know what Nintendo fans thought spectacular AAA third party games were. 2 hd remasters of 6 year old games and a port of a game at half the frame rate. Cool.

TheEnigma313343d ago

I know it appeals to me and I'm a hardcore gamer. It appeals to the casuals as well as where the Wii had an issue with that.

TheEnigma313343d ago

I meant Wii had an issue with hardcore gamers.

balance2theforce343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The term Hardcore gamer is in what many around here think it is. It's funny hearing many talk about how hardcore they are when I have seen their collections consisting of the most casual of games like several copies of COD, Madden, Fifa, Battlefield/Front & most of the run of the mill shit that people buy because the marketing has been beating them in the head for weeks or months at a time I like a sledgehammer.

Hell, I've seen some of these people achievement/trophyhistory/ gaming logs and all that. They're not even beating the games that they're here constantly giving free advertising for or even going through as much of a diverse lineup as my nieces and nephews LMAO. Hell, my niece has gotten throug more of these games than some of these people and she's like 10-11 for fark's sake.

Hardcore gamers are the ones that build PCS. The ones that don't just talk about games but run through them, support them regardless of what console or device their own and won't downplay or hate on on the competition or games just because they're not on our box. They don't act like they're it's a sin to pick up another controller and enjoying game or that they're consoles are going to fight underneath the entertainment center or some shit if you grab another.

And hardcore Gamers certainly gamers don't differentiate between so-called mature games and kiddie games and all that bullshit. They just play games because they're fun and don't feel the need to judge, justify or prove anything. All while being secure in their maturity and masculinity Etc. So yeah , there's a lot of Gamers out here for sure, but most are as hardcore as they think that they are or want others to believe.

narsaku343d ago

How does it appeal to everyone? I don't see the system full of violent/horror/adult/toddler games? I don't see a giant diverse market of products, or modern online software services for people to use?

..Does the switch have good graphics for a modern console? No. Does it have like 2000 games like other consoles have after so many years?... No.. Is the console cheap for being a kids tablet and therefor accessible to the lowest common denominator in any financial demographic?.. No.

I just thought the Switch was succeeding because it's the only console trying to do something new and fun, aka, challenging what video games as an entertainment can be and doing it while launching some of the best games of the last decade in it's first year?

Honestly, creativity and talent can almost sell itself and Nintendo's got both in aces. Now they're combining their handheld and console divisions... It's amazing some people still don't get what that means.

zb1ftw777343d ago

The switch does have good graphics.

Stopped reading after you said it didn't.

Eidolon343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

For modern consoles? They do have some great looking first party titles, but the difference is clear when you're comparing XBO/PS4 versions of games to Switch version. Nintendo has always underpowered their consoles, though.

Vegamyster343d ago


The only underpowered home consoles from Nintendo were the Wii & Wii-U. As far as mobile chipsets goes it's not the best but it's definitely not the weakest either, considering it's size you can't expect performance that matches the PS4/Xone.

Eidolon343d ago

So now we're letting Nintendo set the bar for this generation? Dude it's clearly not current-gen.. Very common argument that even XBO and PS4 are not powerful for this "gen" compared to PC. It's not modern graphics, man, coming out in 2017--, simply put.

Eidolon342d ago (Edited 342d ago )


It is the weakest.. what are you talking about? It's more powerful than Wii U, but not even close to being as powerful as the XB1 and PS4. And regardless of size, the argument was that Switch had good graphics, it has okay/acceptable graphics at best for current-gen, first party titles is where it shines because there's nothing to compare it to and Nintendo's devs have a beatiful style. Does it have good graphics for it's size and for what it is? I guess so, but not for a current gen console that released in 2017 at $300.

Vegamyster342d ago


You didn't read my comment properly.

I said "As far as mobile chipsets" go, not dedicated hardware like what's in the PS4/Xone and pointed out it can't match either of them. I didn't say they're the ones setting the bar, dunno where you got that, all "current-gen" means is when something is released, not how powerful it is.

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343_Guilty_Spark343d ago

Actually the graphics are pretty good.

SuperSonic91343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Graphics are a tually Inferior compared to other consoles

G3ng4r343d ago

^ I'll bet you're this bitter because horizon makes your ps4pro achieve liftoff and scares away your pets.

TekoIie343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


Then your 4 year old console is inferior to high end gaming PCs. By your logic that would mean every PS4 release is a lightweight on the technical side Compared to what I play on my PC right?

Eidolon342d ago (Edited 342d ago )


Yes, that is the case, no one is arguing PC vs Console, it's clear PC is vastly superior if you spend the money.

You can't argue that Switch grahphics are amazing using this logic, because it released 3.5 years after the original PS4 and XBO and is still much MUCH weaker. Comparing it Pro and XB1 X, it's like comparing PS3 to PS4, 360 to XBO, so no, it is not GREAT or PRETTY GOOD graphics for current gen.

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Foraoise343d ago ShowReplies(3)
wonderfulmonkeyman343d ago

There's plenty of violent and adult games on the Switch.
Horror less so, but that number's building.

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