GameSpy: Hands-on with Diablo III's Wizard

GameSpy writes: "In the opening minutes of BlizzCon, we jumped right into a hands-on Diablo III gameplay session. The big story here is the new character class that joins the Barbarian and Witch Doctor: the Wizard. Wizards are a magic-focused class that play like a Diablo II Sorceress, with a repertoire of spells that draw inspiration from World of Warcraft's Mage class. While World of Warcraft's influence is a large part of the class's design, the game takes a unique approach to character advancement and abilities that we only just started to explore.

Our newly created Wizard had access to the first-tier abilities in the three ability trees of Storm, Arcane and Conjuring. Neophyte Wizards will thus get the chance to explore a little of each flavor of magic, and choose where to specialize based on which abilities they prefer."

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