The Pitch For Reimagining God Of War - Interview with Cory Barlog

With our new cover story on God of War for the PlayStation 4, we go into details about the journey of Kratos and Atreus. However, with this video interview, we want to focus on the development team at Santa Monica Studio and specifically on the decisions of creative director Cory Barlog and studio head Shannon Studstill. While visiting the studio, we spoke with Barlog and Studstill about reimagining God of War and how much they were willing to change up the classic formula in order to breathe new life into the series.

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corroios315d ago

The interview was very cool and i dont have any doubt that this game will be epic. Santa Mónica will again raise the bar.

chris235315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

i just hope they don‘t overdo the cutscenes. and if they have to overly indulge in these boring ingame movies let me skip them manually, please. when i‘m gaming i want to game, not watching badly acted and scripted movies. seriously. i’m skipping everything that is not game related. cutscenes were cool 30 years ago when it was difficult to create them. today it‘s an industry standard that got beyond stale.

UCForce315d ago

So you don’t trust Sony Santa Monica, really ?

Forn315d ago

It sounds like your only interested in multi-player based games. Single-player story driven games aren't for you.

UltraNova315d ago

Single player story driven games are synonymous with cutscenes. These games can be replayed while skipping all cutscenes if you want(9/10 times).

I cannot imagine playing MGS4 without those badass cutscenes!

Steveoreno1315d ago

Yeah I heard GoW games have some of the worst generic cut scenes/s.

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TheOttomatic91315d ago

I honestly can’t wait to play this everything about this game makes me want to play it immediately.