Dissenting Opinion: Silent Hill: Homecoming

For a game with "Silent" in the title, there's definitely a lot of noise being generated around Silent Hill: Homecoming. It seems like no one can agree on what to think about this latest entry in Konami's survival horror franchise. Feedback on the game covers the spectrum, ranging from outright dismissal and rejection to praise for being the best and most terrifying Silent Hill game ever. Even here at Crispy Gamer, opinions are heavily divided.

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Arsenic133572d ago

I really enjoyed this game. It surprised me how good it was. There are some bad reviews from fanboys of the previous games and they are idiots who think only the Japanese can make a good game.

vlazed3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

This is my new favorite Silent Hill, and I am confident in Double Helix as the new Silent Hill development team. This is a good first step into next gen, and I people buy it so the series can continue.

loverboifreak3572d ago

i really enjoyed this silent hill no matter what reviews it got. but then again, reviews r just opinions anyway so....