SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - "New Year, New VGMs" Edition

Phil writes, "A new year brings a lot of resolutions and potential for a great new beginning. For SuperPhillip Central, my resolution is to be back on a regular schedule. Let's see how many days until I break that...

In all seriousness, happy new year to all of SPC's readers, regular and not, as we jump into 2018. We've already experienced the Review Round-Up, so let's dive into SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs.

This edition begins with two games to chill and relax to: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Stardew Valley. We move from a calming duo of themes to a much more rocking pair with songs from the recently released Sonic Forces and a bonus stage theme from Bomberman on PSP. Finally, Hot Shots Golf 3 tees off and delivers a marvelous piece of music to sit back and nod one's head to in a steady rhythm.

Check out the VGM Database for all past video game themes featured on this weekly segment of SuperPhillip Central. Now, let's get onto the music!"

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Alexious336d ago

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp surprised me in a good way!