5 Games That Will Most Likely to Be Delayed This 2018

2018 has some big games in the pipeline but here's the five titles MP1st thinks will get delayed.

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GamesMaster1982338d ago

Oh it's almost a guarantee that some games that supposed to release this year get delayed. I mean it's happened from the start of this gen. I really just hope it's none of the games im really hyped for.

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greywolf39337d ago

God Of War will NOT be delayed. I am sure it will release 2018

yomfweeee337d ago

It doesn't say delayed until next year. Could be just a few months.

agent13336d ago

Yup it will not be released any later than jun

doos_vd_kak337d ago

God of war wont get delayed

chris235337d ago

god of war is too generic gameplay wise. this one will not be delayed.

UCForce337d ago

Again, so you don’t trust SMM, do you ?

doos_vd_kak337d ago

oooooo so you've played and finished it now??

Trez1234337d ago

What is generic? Maybe the definition as changed of the word as changed but have you played or seen another God of war game quiet like this ? Maybe it's just not your type of game and that's cool but if this is " generic " then im guessing you hate pretty much all shooters out there because it doesnt get as generic than L2 to aim and R2 to shoot. Hell, you probably hate modern gaming :)

The little combat trailer showed in paris showed kratos with different combos and assisted by his son who has a dedicated button so im pretty sure the way I'll be taking down enemies will be different to someone else and personally i hope it goes deeper than that.

Skankinruby337d ago

How the hell can gameplay even be generic? That makes zero sense. And whatever definition anyone attempts to put on that most likely applies to almost every game

Hardiman336d ago

There are quite a few words I would use to describe GoW, it's combat, characters or story but "generic" isn't one of them!

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The story is too old to be commented.