NVIDIA GeForce 390.65 WHQL driver packs security updates for Meltdown/Spectre, adds NVIDIA Freestyle

DSOGaming writes: "NVIDIA has released a brand new driver for its graphics cards. According to the release notes, the NVIDIA GeForce 390.65 WHQL driver features security updates for Meltdown/Spectre, and adds support for the NVIDIA Freestyle. In case you weren’t aware of, the NVIDIA Freestyle lets you apply post-processing filters to your games."

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Cobra951164d ago

What would a GPU in a consumer system have to do with Meltdown or Spectre?

ceooflhm164d ago

"At this time, NVIDIA has no reason to believe that the NVIDIA GPU Display Driver is vulnerable to this variant." They are just being pro active. It probably has more to do with making it compatible with the Windows update that had the fix. It says as much about Linux OS.

Cobra951164d ago

What in any way would have to change in the driver? The GPU is a totally separate device from the CPU, and has nothing to do with CPU vulnerabilities. Even in a GPU-compute situation, it would have nothing to do with these exploits.

kevnb164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

the gpu isn't sand boxed from the cpu, the cpu still controls everything and writes into the gpu memory.

Play2Win164d ago

Cobra stop talking like you know what you're talking... You do know sh!t about how CPUs and GPUs work. Especially how CPUs and GPUs react to "Meltdown" or "Spectre" in detail. Let NVIDIA make the thinking when it is related to security with their drivers and GPUs.

164d ago
fingazblank164d ago

Im sure nvidia is just being cautious, the cpu does have to work with the gpu maybe they are just plugging the hole the windows update left...

As for nvidia freestyle, where is it i cant find the damn thing.