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Historically based video games are a unique bunch. On the negative side, games with this particular label invite extra helpings of scrutiny for itself. People inspect its accuracy with a microscope, and the second common pitfall is for the game to shove so many facts in the player’s face that it outright murders the fun. However, should an edu-tainment game hit that sweet spot between education and play, it can be one of the most effective learning tools known to man. With their strategy game, Oriental Empires, the creative minds at Shiny Pixel Studios decided to rewind the clock by a few thousand years and place focus on the Far East. Published by Iceberg Interactive, Oriental Empires opens a window into ancient China.

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Alexious312d ago

Damn fine strategy game!

TGG_overlord312d ago

Very, and it's been a long time since I played a game of this kind.