John Romero: Esports will be bigger than traditional sports

Being in the virtual space as a spectator is a big factor.

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ziggurcat15d ago

playing video games isn't a sport...

GamesMaster198214d ago

Thank you. But i guess to most of these nerd's it's the closest thing to sport they will ever do. Don't get me wrong i love Gaming with a passion, but in this internet age the world has gone nut's.

rainslacker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The best term for it would be a competition. Sports can be competitions, but not all sports are competitions, and not all competitions are sports.

E-Sports just sounds flashier than "people playing games competitively".

Big_Game_Hunters13d ago

Calm down old man, Thats why its called "E-sports" and not "sports" nobody is saying its a traditional sport.

ZeroX987614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

"Competitive gaming scene will be bigger than traditional sports."
I don't mind the word E-Sport, since it clarifies perfectly that it's not the same definition as the word "Sport".

BUT, I really doubt that the E-Sport scene could ever beat the sport industry in the near future. We're talking about centuries of physical sport competitions VS the e-sport scene which is actually just beginning.

GamesMaster198214d ago

I get it it is a huge thing nowadays. But to me personally it is not a sport and never will be.

Cyro14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Yes, that's why it's called eSports. It should be consider it's own thing.

AnubisG14d ago

Right, but they call the players/participants "athletes"......

AnubisG14d ago

I've been saying this for the longest time. It's not a sport. Neither is chess....

Cyro13d ago

But why do you care so much? I don't get how some people are offended. I honestly couldn't give a shit if it was called a sport or not.

AnubisG13d ago

It's ok for people to express their opinions on the topic at hand here. Like it or not, that is what this comment section is for. Why do you care if I care or not?

Cyro13d ago

Well I was honestly hoping someone would elaborate why. But I guess that's too much work.

AnubisG13d ago

I said why I wrote what I did. Because it's my opinion and I stated it here which is perfectly reasonable. Comprehension; it's too much work.

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carreirabr14d ago

And Romero still relevant because...

cell98914d ago

Because he’s gonna make you his bitch?

DrumBeat14d ago

Until they play the anthem at E-sports and kids start kneeling.

big_dom_strikes_back14d ago

Lay off the coke, John. and the pies.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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