Monster Hunter World file size for PS4 is very surprising

The Monster Hunter World file size for PS4 has been confirmed via Japanese box art.

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FallenAngel1984344d ago

Damn 16GB is extremely manageable

G20WLY344d ago

In file size maybe. Thankfully not in graphics ;)

Neonridr344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

@G20WLY - why do you think I brought it up. Obviously it looks nothing like the previous MH titles (which were 3DS mind you).

thorstein344d ago

I'm not sure what file size has to do with anything. A good coder can make a game/ piece of software that is twice the size (and thus less efficient) than an expert coder that does exactly the same thing.

What file size has to do with anything is bizarre.

Further, the game engine has to be considered. What a strange way of looking at a game's quality.

Neonridr344d ago

@thorstein - Nintendo is notorious for making their first party games small in file size while still being large in nature. BOTW is a pretty big game when you consider world size and all of that and the game is like 12GB or something.

My comment was in reference to Nintendo's ability to keep things small while still being really good. I guess I have to spell everything out.

S-J-D344d ago

@thorstein your comment shows u have no clue about game size. this size could be as big or small as u want based on game assests. these assets include most obviously
"the individual game models" from game charactes to weapons, enemies and props ( trees, rocks, plants, landscape)
"the textures" for these models which could take huge amount of data depending on resolution.
"the cut-scene movies" if they are pre-rendered and not in real-time using the game engine
"the audio/music"
all of these contribute to the overall size. and coders don't have control over a lot of these aspects. they can mostly excel in making the game engine smaller in size but still that is the smallest sized thing in a game to begin with. this is why u see smaller sized games have lower resolution textures or repetitive models/props. a good game/level designer on the other hand can counter this with clever use of these assets to hide the repetitiveness.

thorstein344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

No, I understood you fully. Upvoted and I agree with you. I was just adding to what you said and replying to the article at the same time.

@SJD ummm... what?

I gave a specific example about how writing code can be very efficient if the coder is great. You reply that I am wrong and then post evidence that I am right. Did you read my very first sentence. So, I guess you have no clue about reading comprehension (since we're just going to start with ad hominem).

Look, I get that you don't understand how coding works and that is okay. But, even if you're a developer that purchased an engine, it is still coded from the ground up.

As far as audio goes. Yes. No one is talking about music. Where does anyone, anywhere in the article or in the comments talk about music. Good god, man. What are you ranting about? Did you just come on here to disagree with someone?

Next time you do that, don't provide evidence that proves that person's point in your comment. It just makes your comment completely bizarre.

I guess Neon and I should have to spell it out for you, but I thought it was obvious when I said, "I'm not sure what file size has to do with anything...two different coders can create the same thing using less or more code." Same with all software manufacturers.

Or did you think that "models, textures, cut scenes" don't require code?

yeahokwhatever344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

the code isn't what takes up all the space. The code is the LEAST responsible for large file sizes. I'm guessing Monster Hunter doesn't have a ton of audio dialog.
"A good coder can make a game/ piece of software that is twice the size (and thus less efficient) than an expert coder that does exactly the same thing." <- That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. Sincerely, Game Programmer.

rainslacker344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


Code efficiency really isn't intrinsically relative to file size. I have some code which is extremely efficient that takes up 3 times as much compiled space as some less efficient code that does the same thing. It really depends on how the code is handled, and the process which it goes through to execute the code. Sometimes, lots of code can run faster than shorter code because of what has to be done to derive the desired result.

Some coders do spend a lot of time trying to write the shortest code as possible, but it's usually better to look at how long a set of code will take to execute, and decide what would do it the fastest. This is particularly true when it comes to assembly where the dev has more control over the compiled product, although less code is usually better in places where you're using built in functions of the compiler, or API level functions.

In any case, the code of a game usually makes up less than 1-2% of a game. It's all the assets which actually take up all the space. The more complex some of those assets, the bigger some of the non-artistic type code will be(animations, shaders, etc). The more media that's in a game, the bigger the game will be.

bouzebbal343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

never played a MH.
i wish i had time to discover this legendary series..
is it an open world dragonslayer action RPG?

thorstein341d ago

@SJD and Yeah

I don't argue tech with people on here. I spent a ton of time explaining something very patiently to someone about processors only to have them "refute" every post with something contrary. While what he said was true at one time, it no longer was true because processors had evolved. He continued and then I cut and pasted a comment that sounded familiar to me into google. It came back to an old Tom's Hardware thread from 5 years prior. He had plagiarized the entire thing.

Here is a good blog about coding that explains what I mean better than what I was saying here. I guess I wasn't getting my point across.

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HollowKnight344d ago

Hopefully It's not just reusable assets they'r using.

metalgod88343d ago

You'd be surprised how much assets are re-used but just remapped/reconfigured/re-textu red. It's been going on for decades now, but developers are very good at hiding the fact that it's the exact same model, but could be slightly modified and/or re-textured to give the appearance that it's actually a new object.

GottaBjimmyb344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Reading this, I just realized, totally off-topic. I bet this game was going to be PS4 exclusive or PS4/switch only when Scalebound was in developement, and that this is why Scalebound was cancelled to ensure Monster Hunter came to Xbox. Seems like and MS thing to do, to put it's weight into successful existing IP than risking with a new, pretty sad if true, but totally just a random thought, with no real proof.

TheColbertinator343d ago

Who told you such nonsense? Monster Hunter has been a powerhouse in Japanese gaming for over a decade.

Xbox and its exclusives have had little to no impact on Monster Hunter and rarely does the MH community bring it up. Scalebound was a different project since inception so it had few core similarities to Monster Hunter.

zerocarnage343d ago

Doubt any of that. MH games have been there since ps2, it was born on PlayStation 2 and even though I own an Xbox now, scalebound didn't get cancelled for MHW. In anyway.

MH is a name well built with a strong fan following and despite not gaining massive sales like cod/battlefield/halo/gears/unc harted and other big games its hung in there good enough.

Its just that MH is a title that deserves to be up there with them in sales, I hope gamers finally go snap this game up..

cooperdnizzle343d ago

I actually kinda of get what you’re saying. Company’s used to do that kind of thing with vaporwear all the time to get company’s to not release games. What I think happenend was MS saw their was a game coming out that looks just like there new IP. So they cut there loss. MHW would have maybe eaten up the sales. I don’t know if this is what happened but I can see the dots you were trying to conect

DJStotty343d ago

No Scalebound was cancelled as Microsoft saw not much progress for around 2-3 years, and decided against throwing more money at a game that at its core, wasn't all that to begin with

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KillZallthebeast344d ago

Pretty sure most companies don't bother considering the size. Some games that are 50GB plus have no right being so large aside from being lazy

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Relientk77344d ago

That's nice and reasonable

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Cmv38344d ago

I'm on the fence about this game, but weirdly enough, this is news worthy of me possibly purchasing it. Fun game and little space.

CorndogBurglar344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I wouldn't be on the fence. Monster Hunter is an amazing series, and this one looks like something I've been waiting eons for. The beta did exactly what I would have wanted. It kept the controls and gameplay on par with the 3DS versions. In fact, I didn't even need to read what any of the buttons did, I just jumped in and started fighting exactly the same way I did on 3DS, using the same buttons and everything. This was very surprising. I fully expected them to mess with the controls.

The changes they made make sense and in my opinion, make the game better. They got rid of "zones" on the maps and made it all one large environment. Very cool. Also, being able to fire a flare up in the sky and have randoms join your mission with drop-in, drop-out MP is awesome.

If you've played the previous Monster Hunters and liked them I would recommend this! If you haven't, I would still recommend it. Its a lot of fun.

At the end of the day, it seems like they took the 3DS Monster Hunters, made the graphics much better, and then make slight changes that enhance the game. What more could people ask for?

MrBishop344d ago

Definitely going to give this game a go, looks epic.

343d ago
kayoss344d ago

Im torn, not sure should i wait it out and see how the game is perceived before buying.

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CorndogBurglar344d ago

Though i would never tell anyone not to wait because that is always the best policy, I feel pretty confident this is one of those times where waiting won't be necessary.

The game will have had 3 betas before launch and is already being praised. I played the last beta and it was solid. Great controls pulled straight from the 3DS games. It seemed bug free. And most importantly, it was fun.

The only thing that could hurt the game at launch is poor netcode. But Capcom has been solid with their latest online games, like Street Fighter 5 (connection wise).

I'm getting it day one. But I'm a Monster Hunter fan and might be biased...

GamesMaster1982344d ago

That's exactly what i'm doing. If it scores well and has a decent story ill buy.

Shortsorpants344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I bet itll score well, but ive never played a monster hunter for its story. I doubt this ones will be very impressive either.
Everything else however...

Imalwaysright344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Story? If you want decent stories video games are definetely not the medium where you'll find them with a few, very few, exceptions here and there and this game is all about gameplay.

GameBoyColor344d ago

A decent story is not what you'll find from a MH game.

GamesMaster1982344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

@Imalwaysright I disagree i prefer game story's to movie's most the time. Games like Yakuza, Horizon, Nier Automata, Edith Finch plus many more and that was only last year, were really great and i can't wait for more excellent story's. But i also play games to unwind and have fun too. So if the gameplay is great in this then that is also a reason for my desision. Gameplay, Story and steady framerates are all i look for in games, Could not give a shit about 4k either. The reason i said I'm waiting on reviews is because i read that this Monster Hunter would be different from previous because they have actually added a story this time.

Shortsorpants344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Thats fair, but if you think about how monster hunters play theres really no way they can have any sort of a story that would compare to bioshock, KH, nier, edith finch, TLOU, etc.
Its mission/quest system is almost MMO-like. Idk about you but MMOs are not really great stories compared to those.
If the story somehow unexpectedly is good, ill hit you up with an "I was wrong" you have my word. But im wagering its gonna be "elder dragons are appearing why? Heres the final elder dragon you must stop it to save us"
Edit: monster hunter is probably my top 5 game series, love em. Just not gonna pretend theyre something theyre not. Dont want you to expect too much in that area or you may be disappointed.

rainslacker344d ago

MH stories are more pretense to give you a reason to go out and do stuff. Not exactly epic drama.

Imalwaysright343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

" Yakuza, Horizon, Nier Automata, Edith Finch and many more"

I would like to know what how many more those are because you mentioned 5 (whose quality I'm not going dispute whether I agree or not) in a year where hundreds of games were released hence what I said. Also I wasn't just talking about movies, I was also talking about books or even comics/mangas which imo is where you'll find the best written stories/characters which in a way should be expected considering that its the only "goal" that writers have while in games devs can't just focus on story or characters and game's writers are most likely limited on how much they can do with a story in a game. I don't want this to sound as if I'm trying to diminish what writers do because I could not in a million years do what they do but imo games as a medium have a lot to improve and can be improved on the story/storytelling front because the are some games that have great stories and characters.

Having said that, MH in general is more for those that are looking for gameplay/exploration than story but you can see how the game plays on the beta and even decide to buy it based on it.

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