Amazon MMO New World Footage Leaked

From GameWatcher: "A newly created reddit user yesterday by the name of "conquistad" made a single post on the New World subreddit with a video. Named Tenebras Lux -- that's Latin for "Light and Darkness" -- the footage shows what look like three game characters alongside a couple of shots of in-game maps and locations, including some very early animation."

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narsaku310d ago

Call me when a high fidelity AAA VR MMO launches with next gen visuals, new and unbelievable mechanics, full open voip support, an actual interesting story and an emphasis on immersion, and social/world interaction.. Until then everything is either copying WoW or typical Korean grindfests.. And that's not why I play games, man.


..But how long?

porkChop310d ago

If you want all of that on top of it being VR. then get ready to wait. The hardware and technology isn't there yet to make something like that even feasible.

Noskypeno310d ago

Im not into MMOs but why cant a game like Anthem or Division have an offline singleplayer mode on top of the multiplayer. The universe and story is already there, why cant they just hire a couple people to just focus on SP. It doesnt have to be as big as mass effect or whatever, even a linear adventure wouldnt be bad.just a little something like they used to.

Timesplitter14310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

When will people understand that games like this wouldn't work well at all in VR? And I'm not just talking about technology; I'm talking conceptually.

The thing about VR games is that whenever you perceive acceleration that your body doesn't physically feel, it feels off. So forget about all games that have anything more than a minimal amount of character movement in VR. And this isn't something that higher resolutions or refresh rates can fix. You'd need to be able to walk physically everywhere in the game

TankCrossing310d ago

That isn't a conceptual problem, that's a problem in the execution. The concept of an MMO in VR is still marvelous.

We'll get there.

TankCrossing310d ago

Will do. What is your number?

Nybz310d ago

Ok, what's your number?

joab777309d ago

Not that they will pan out but next year has quite a few with Crowfall, Ashes, AiR etc. And all of them seem.kuch more dynamic than anything.up to this point.

But, we also haven't seen them much yet.

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Timesplitter14310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Wow... this looks like garbage.

15 fps, really? Plus I don't think the theme/setting has much appeal

frostypants309d ago

Could be cool, if it is a team-oriented empire building game. It's certainly an original setting.