White Knight Chronicles Special Session Video

A new video from the White Knight Chronicles conference.

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RememberThe3573572d ago

I wish I could understand what the hell he was saying.

Lucreto3572d ago

I bet some one with a lot of time will make subtitles as some point.

TheHater3572d ago

Where is Dattebayo when you need them

Karum3572d ago

but unfortunately all they showed us was that jap guy's mullet and some old bald dude playing the game and looked like he was lost

video was basically a waste of time for anyone not fluent in Japanese

MvmntInGrn3572d ago

So far it is everything I wanted FFXII to be *cries tears of joy*

Better not screw this up!

DrWan3572d ago

Already has the feel of a great RPG, almost Chrono-Triggerish music style, I likez.