$20 off Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost

The Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost has been discounted to $69.99.

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MagicBeanz311d ago

With as much as people love Destiny and have such positive things to say about it these should fly off the shelves.

310d ago
PUBG310d ago

Put a microphone in your home called 'Alexa', and extend it's range so that Amazon can hear everything that's going on in the home with your Destiny Ghost doohickey. I remember not too long ago, the articles warning people that Samsung TVs came with disclaimers in the instruction manual, telling people to watch what they say in front of the TV, as their conversations can be sent to 3rd parties LMAO. Now Amazon is trying to con people into placing microphones in their homes....crazy world..


Well the Con worked on me because I have a Echo and a Show and I love em!

PUBG310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Good for you, now Amazon is listening to your conversations at all times! What a great product!


Actually, I meant Google....even better! They're totally trustworthy!

Sitdown310d ago

I can tell from your post, that you have phenomenal conversations that people would kill to listen to.

PUBG310d ago

Absolutely, including Alexa and Echo!