9 Popular Video Games With Glaring Flaws Nobody Admits

The things you're forced to forget about when the rest is spot on.

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NecrumOddBoy224d ago

Breath of the Wild's lack of story and purpose of pacing.

Relientk77223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Adding on to what you said. Breath of the Wild's open world really isn't that great. People claim it's "new" and "innovative" even though other open world games have been doing the same mechanics for years.

Yeah the towers in Zelda aren't just viewpoints from Assassin's Creed

DanteVFenris666223d ago

The viewpoints have more meaning in Zelda. What other open world game has a physics and chemistry system like botw? What other open world game is the world a character. Where you go to a volcano you go on fire but also all the details. Wooden weapons will go to flame, bomb areas will instantly ignite. Drop meat and it will cook. What other open world game has all these elements.

Than what other open world game has puzzles in-depth as Zelda to balance out the combat

Imalwaysright223d ago

Really? Then please do tell us which games offer a similar experience and at that level of quality. I know I'll get many disagrees but lets see how many answears I get to this simple question.

Vegamyster223d ago

I can understand people being mixed about how the world is set up but i never understand the tower comparisons to AC. Towers in AC just flood your map with icons which removes incentive for exploration or any mystery where as in Botw it just allows you to view the area on your map but you still have to actually explore to find things.

NecrumOddBoy223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I love how in Zelda the towers unlock the map but everyone Praises it for not unlocking any locations worth exploring. So it's getting credit for being Innovative for not doing anything useful at all. So it's completely pointless.

But then you take a look at Horizon zero Dawn which their towers require fighting enemies negotiating obstacles precision timing and Scaffolding to the top of a 200 foot robot, but that's called and uninspired clone or copycat.

Vegamyster223d ago


I don't think i saw anyone praising the towers for being innovative, the game was praised in general for pulling you towards locations based on appearance rather than a map icon which is different. A bunch of the towers in Botw also had obstacles & enemies in the vicinity as well, they weren't all devoid of activities.

Imalwaysright222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

As I predicted... disagrees but no replies and this is how predictable the majority here are and the majority here are PS fanboys, not fans, fanboys because I can count with my fingers the ones around here that are truly PS fans and want the PS brand to be better without making excuses for some of the decisions that Sony makes. Buthurt parrots that repeat over and over what others have said and have no opinion of their own (most likely never even played Zelda) so when asked a simple question lets just hit the disagree button.

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DanteVFenris666223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

But that’s the entire point. With a strict narrative you wouldn’t be able to just jump up and confront the final boss whenever you want. So what you want counteracts the whole new and fresh design that botw offers into open worlds and would turn it into every other open world game we have again.

Plus not having a story isn’t a flaw. Now having a story and it being crap can ruin a game. But not having one it won’t effect anything.

strayanalog223d ago

The Last of Us and its overrated gameplay and zero replayability.‎

NordicRainy223d ago

Shhh you can't say anything negative about TLOU (even if it's valid) on this site. Fanboys will jump you with comments or/and "disagreements" (Can't really say anything negative about the Sony side)

I agree though. I do think the gameplay has some serious potential if refined more in Part 2. It's not perfect like many would have you believe. The AI especially is pretty flawed, especially when compared to the E3 demo, which is much more impressive than the actual final game.

I think the game is still fantastic, but it's gotten a little overrated at this point. People like to say that it's this flawless masterpiece, best game of all time or whatever, and I personally can't agree with that.

MagicBeanz223d ago

"Can't really say anything negative about the Sony side", at least your comments aren't without a sense of irony.

strayanalog223d ago

Agreed, Nordic. On, well.. everything. Sadly, not many seem to be open to other opinions, but hey, welcome to the internet, right?

You're right, though. There is potential for Part 2 in the gameplay department, which I hope they do refine.

TheGamingArt223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

AI was horrible, replayability was totally there though and the game was by far not overrated.

TheEroica223d ago

I think playstation fanboys are petulant children and even I can't argue the greatness and replayability of the last of us. That game is legendary and it deserves its praise from both a story telling and gameplay perspective.

Rimeskeem223d ago

1. 🙄
2. The story is what makes the game so fantastic imo
3. Someone didn’t play it on grounded 😏😏

Nacho_Z223d ago

I was baffled by the hype when I found that the game was a ladder putting up and regenerating brick throwing simulator. Some aspects of the game were superb but I didn't enjoy the actual gameplay which obviously is a big problem.

fenome223d ago

I prefered bashing people with bricks melee style over throwing them, to each their own.

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Knushwood Butt223d ago

Kind of agree about MGS3.

When I first played it, I remember just running through jungle sections and moving onto the next section, because I could, or backtracking to reset the alerts.

Then I started to play it properly.

223d ago
sonicsidewinder223d ago

Definitely. More-so with the "original" fixed camera version. You couldn't pay me to play that version again.

(Jokes, I may for the right price).

TheGamingArt223d ago

Kratos had huge motivation for what he was doing... dumb clickbait is dumb.

philm87223d ago

Didn't even realise there were Microtransactions in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. I was probably distracted by all the other flaws.

DanteVFenris666223d ago

Just got that on ps+. It’s my first Deus Ex game so what are the flaws.

philm87222d ago

In my opinion a pretty terrible story, terrible voice acting and animations (thought this was supposed to be a AAA game), poor level design and mission structure, poor AI. I think the last mission in the game felt like it had the most thought put into it. Felt much more immersed in the previous game. Clearly good enough for me to carry on through the whole game though.

Vegamyster223d ago

I knew they were there but they are just a cheap cash grab, the gameplay progression is very similar to the previous game which had no MT's.

stefan_771223d ago

I'm also curious about the flaws. I have the game in my backlog

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