Most Disappointing Game of 2017

VGChartz's Damián "Wright" Cruz Latorre: "Whether because they don't live up to their fully potential, or there are just too many glaring issues or questionable design decisions that taint the experience, or simply because they fail to meet the expectations placed on them (and, at times, a combination of all three), certain games provide an experience that ranges from terrible to enjoyable but which ultimately results in a pervasive sense of disappointment."

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ReBurn15d ago

I'm probably the only person who enjoyed it.

Stogz15d ago

Nah I enjoyed it too, it's not up to par with the previous ones but that doesn't mean it's not fun.

Servbot4115d ago

I really liked it but I could see the flaws and I don't blame anyone for hating on it. That being said, Ghost Recon Wildlands is easily the biggest disappointment of the year for me.

C-H-E-F15d ago

it looked cool, i didn't play the others and had a huge backlog, I'm sure it'll end up a PS Plus game hopefully then i'll cut down some of my games I have to beat/platinum