Analyst Explains Why Xbox One Is Struggling With Lack of New IPs, Single Player Games A Riskier Bet

Microsoft’s had the worst luck as far as their first party initiatives go this generation- multiple of their anticipated games in development have had troubles and met with cancellations, such as Scalebound and Fable Legends, their major first party franchises are beginning to feel tired and losing their selling power in the market, such as with Halo or Gears, and their new efforts have all failed to stick- such as Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive.

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UCForce346d ago

This is why I really think MS need to have more faith on SP games. It’s not about freaking logic that Gaas is a future. It’s about something that is so important for many people who adores SP games. If Gaas is the main future of gaming, then it would be unbalanced. Online gaming is fun, but not everyone have their taste on it. Often time, people prefer play game on their own without being interfered. Digital isn’t the future. Because not everyone have a strong internet connection. For me, Physical and Digital Games are need to coexist.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Microsoft has their own ideas of what they think gamers want and that is the source of their problems. They think that most gamers want open worlds, first person shooters, multiplayer, and games that minimize story telling while prioritizing gameplay. Clearly, Microsoft's ideas aren't working but do they try to change and make games that feature story telling, exploration, discovery, and gameplay that's driven by a narative? No. They want to move towards a games as a service model where the games they create are sold to gamers in bits and pieces or creating games that have a subscription based service like WOW or Guild Wars. The problem with those ideas is that consoles usually don't have enough power to support Massive Multiplayer Online Games. If Microsoft doesn't pay attention to the majority of console gamer's spending habits (See games like UC4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, etc) Xbox is going to get left behind and eventually, forgotten.

Godmars290345d ago

That's why they hedged their bets with PC. They want XBL as a pure subscription service. Was likely their day one plan and certainly what they wanted with always online.

denawayne345d ago

50 million Xbox Live subscribers
-Let's cut that in half for paid subscribers
$60 per year
-Let's cut that in half to $30 per year

That's $750,000,000 per year revenue on Live alone.
It's not always games or consoles sold.
Xbox isn't going anywhere

yellowgerbil345d ago

You realize that Microsoft has lost 10s of billions on Xbox. 5 billion alone back when the red ring happened. The x is sold at a loss and isn't bringing in NEW users so is money thrown away.
There comes a point where it's stupid to continue ( and that point was June 2013)

bolimekurac345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

yellow you do realize they are worth over 90 bill. they didnt feel the loss at all.

samsung lost a lot more wit the note 7 fiasco, they didnt even blink, its nothing when your worth over 90bill for these companies

jukins345d ago

@bolimekurac you must be young. Just because theyre worth so much by no means do they not feel losing billions.

DarkZane345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

@denawayne Yes they are. The PlayAnywhere feature isn't a gesture of good will or a way for Microsoft to be nice. They're preparing a way out for themselves so they can move on to PC gaming exclusively and stop making consoles.

The only reason they still make consoles is to milk those gold subscriptions for as long as they can. The 360, which was Microsoft at their best, couldn't beat Sony with the PS3 at their worst. It's pretty obvious that Xbox simply will never beat Playstation. Anyone who thinks Xbox has a chance to win is seriously delusional. The PS5 will beat the next Xbox by at least 2:1 and that's with them launching at the same time. Sony went cheap with the Pro because they could launch nextgen earlier and go bigger.

6 TFLOPS from the Xbox One X doesn't matter when Sony launch a PS5 with 12 TFLOPS for $399.99 in 2019 at the minimum. Microsoft can launch something more powerful later, but that's gonna do nothing. Unlike what Sony did with the PS3, if Microsoft launch later, they're done because Xbox is simply too small of a brand to catch up with Playstation if Sony launched first.

Then there is the other fact that even if it's more powerful, unless Xbox can offer 8K, it won't matter because they will both offer native 4K at 30fps. Yes, 30 fps because developers will always prioritize graphics over framerate because graphics sell better. So you're barely gonna see the difference, so people will just go where the games are and with the bigger brand, which is Playstation. People have been burned twice now. The 360 had almost no games at the end of its life and now the Xbox One has almost no games. More people are gonna go with Sony next gen because who would be dumb enough to get fooled 3 times?

Emme345d ago

Wait, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Fable 3, all storydriven. Sunset Overdrive is crazy over the too action, Dead Rising a coop Zombie Game, Cuphead a thrilling shmup, Halo Wars a nice rts, reCore a cool scifi action adventure, Luckys Tale a family friendly jumpnrun..there IS VARIETY within MSs game portfolio.

denawayne345d ago


Business 101 - Losing to your competition BUT still turning a profit does not mean you are losing. Otherwise, every market (ex. automobiles, fast food, cell phones) would only have one company in business.

WilliamSheridan345d ago

You had me until you said Microsoft isn't paying attention to the majority of players spending habits. After you said that, you banned UC4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Bloodborne. The first 2 being great games, the third being an ok game. But no matter how you slice it, they aren't representative of the majority of spending. The majority would be games like GTAV Online, and all the much much much bigger titles. SP games such as those mentioned are a drop in the bucket compared to the sales of online games. You could easily argue that unfortunately Microsoft IS following the majority of sales. I think, however, that one cannot rate the value of exclusive SP games just by their sales, as the identity of a console and console sales that come with them cannot be measured just by game sales...

TL:DR Microsoft IS following majority sales but it's probably not the smartest thing to do...

LateNightThirst345d ago

What? Lol the most popular games are MP ones look at Overwatch, NBA 2K, COD, those games hand in hand sell more than any of the games you listed and even on just PS4 alone. SP games def have their market, but lets not act like its what most gamers consume

Nodoze344d ago

Sorry but I have to respond to William Sheridan on this:
you banned UC4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Bloodborne. The first 2 being great games, the third being an ok game.

Bloodborne is more than just an OK game. Have you played it? Sorry, but BB is fantastic. A game that requires your full attention. I find it more engaging than Dark Souls and the universe is ripe for another title. The setting is fantastic.

343_Guilty_Spark344d ago

Is that why the Coalition and Playground are making a new IP and an RPG respectively?

343_Guilty_Spark344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


You do realize Satya said they are committed more than ever to Xbox and just recently launched the Xbox One X which they already knew would be sold at a loss. You act like they don’t have teams of shirts calculating this stuff and planning for long term.

If they wanted to axe it they would have asked it just like they did GROOVE, Windows Phone, etc etc.

rainslacker344d ago

MP games may have higher user counts, but all those SP games that do well, when added together, are still the majority of games sold. It's not like MP gamers don't also play SP. In fact, I'd say it's much more likely that the MP gamers also play SP games, than it is that the SP gamer may play MP.

MS focusing on GaaS, if that's what they're doing, is the wrong approach, because it limits the people that are interested in your system. For instance, I can't imagine any Otaku gamer who would ever consider the Xbox as a viable platform to provide for their needs.

Having all those SP games which may not do well just attract more players overall. Having all the popular MP games(or most of them) attracts the MP/hybrid players as well.

Basically, with MS maybe going after GaaS, they're looking at what can potentially return the most money with less risk. They may not be happy with selling a couple million of a high quality SP game which would make a return on investment, because it's just not enough for them. But this approach means that they are chasing the money, and not the player.

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Cyborgg345d ago

They're learning the hard way 😁

345d ago
344d ago
Destiny1080345d ago

if Microsoft want to pursue an always online fps games with no story and micro transactions, that's fine by me

its what there good at

no wait they suck at that too

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen345d ago

I wouldn't say that they suck at it, it's just that it appears that most gamers aren't interested. The negative reactions to games like Star Wars Battlefront II and Evolve you would think they would begin to re-evaluate their so called "vision" for gaming, but they haven't. It looks like they're actually doubling down on their "vision."

shaggy2303345d ago


You do realise that the top ten most downloaded games on the PS4 paint a different picture to the one you believe in?

1 Call of Duty: WWII
2 Destiny 2
3 Friday the 13th: The Game
4 Horizon Zero Dawn
5 Grand Theft Auto V
6 NBA 2K18
7 Rocket League
8 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
9 Madden NFL 18
10 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Out of the top ten most download game of 2017, only one is purely single player.

Also, to all those stating that Sony is the best because of ALL THOSE EXCLUSIVES!!!! it looks like the average PlayStation owner doesn't care, 9 out of the ten games are multiplatform games.

By the way, this is where I got the data, just for those that say its all lies.

AngelicIceDiamond344d ago

List these games with MTX, no story and always online from MS. List 5 of them I'll wait.

TheCommentator344d ago

Which 1st party "always online FPS games" have no story? I'm just curious because it seems to me like almost all of the MS exclusive games, regardless of genre, are story driven and most of their exclusives aren't even FPS.

rainslacker344d ago

MS MP games are actually alright. Both Gears and Halo are highly rated and well received. Forza's online is solid enough. Even Fable Legends was alright, although kind of bare.

MS also is capable of making good SP games. I just feel that they put too high an expectation on how they'll perform....particularly new IP's...and when they fail to really light a fire under the consumer, they tend to act like that would be true across the board. MS tends to be very reactionary in their business when things don't work out how they want. They don't accept that they haven't fostered the community with enough SP games with enough variety to make them do really well. It takes time to actually do that, and MS just seems to have given up during the 360 days. I feel part of the reason the 360 did so well was because they had a lot of great content across a good variety of genres and that appealed to a lot of different kinds of people. The X1, not so much.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


No one is denying the "popularity" of games like COD, FIFA, and Madden, (BTW your list is for digital games) what I'm saying is that companies like Microsoft and EA are completely ignoring the SPENDING HABITS of gamers. The MAJORITY of gamers are buying SINGLE PLAYER GAMES, which is why PS4 and Switch are selling and Xbox One isn't. Sure COD may sell 10 million copies across MULTIPLE PLATFORMS, but when a game that is only being sold on ONE PLATFORM sells 9 million copies over one year (Uncharted 4) that is something to pay attention to. Legend of Zelda BOTW sold more than 5 million on Switch ALONE. Spending habits are a much more important metric to measure than popularity. Just use UHD Blu-ray as an example. More people are streaming movies from services like Netflix and Prime Video than using UHD Blu-ray, but Microsoft chose to ignore that by trying to use it as a selling point for Xbox. I think there needs to be a clear separation between "Popularity" and "Spending Habits." They are not the same thing.

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notachance345d ago

one thing publishers failed to realise is that online game takes up much of our time so that the average gamer can only invest in one or two games at once, not to mention because of its online nature it's kind of discouraging if you started to play late. It's different from SP in that the player is free to play it on their own pace, and games of similar type complement each other instead of forcing players to take side because of the investment needed.

I like RPG, and if 2 of them come out at the same time I'd be delighted because I get to play 2 games of my favorite genre back-to-back. It's a different case if 2 online games come out at the same time, with the time I have I can only focus on 1 of them, and I can't really play the other one too late because by that time most likely the majority of players already moved on to a new game and I'm stuck with loyal veteran who's already far ahead of me.

This means if you make all your games to GaaS they actually canibalize each other's player base, it's actually in a console's best interest to spread their offerings between SP and MP.

trooper_345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

XBox has absolutely no variety whatsoever.

It's sad, really.

To think I wanted an XB1 once for Killer Instinct but I'm not buying a console just for ONE game. For Microsoft's sake, they need to stop living in dreamland and come back to earth like the rest of us.

Do you play money or games? So what if they have money? It means nothing if they're not investing in variety to begin with. It's like whenever these articles come up, you guys scurrying to how much Microsoft is making and blah, blah, blah. If they're making so much, then why can't they give their fans what they want -actual games?

AngelicIceDiamond344d ago

Sea Of Thieves, Quantum Break, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Cuphead, Recore, Super Lucky's Tale, Crackdown, Ori 1, Ori 2, State Of Decay 2.

Phantom Dust reboot, Fable Legends and Scalebound couldn't be more different even though they're cancelled. MS failed attempts but you get the idea.

"Xbox has absolutely no variety whatsoever" You said VARIETY. I had to make it big so you can read what you said.and not twist it to some other way to fit your narrative.

trooper_344d ago

They're games we've heard about already and they're not exclusive to the XBox platform. And that's not variety.

Try again.

Don't make me embarrass you.

AngelicIceDiamond344d ago

Embarrass who? Me? Oh please give me your best kid lol. They're games we've heard about already and they're not exclusive to the XBox platform." You said "NO VARIETY" read your own stupid comment don't twist and make excuses to fit your new narritive (Like I knew you would anyway) . Blah, blah, yadda yadda its on PC therefor they don't count save that tired argument Considering MS published half these games you can't get it on Nintendo or PS nobody cares Plus they're cross play titles and MS made feaure. Duh they're games we've heard about and I listed them. You said no variety and I listed the passed games that released. They look pretty varied to me. And if you can't see that your really stupid. "Its on PC therefor its not variety" dumb logic I'm embarrassed for you.

But please "embarrass me" this ought to be good.

trooper_344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Sorry, I didn't read the wall of ignorance you posted there.

You're getting angry at the wrong person. It's not my fault Microsoft won't invest in real first party exclusives.

Metroider344d ago

Xbox just needs more "addicting" variety. The current rinse and repeat games this gen on all systems are causing burn out. Thank you for being you Nintendo.

AngelicIceDiamond344d ago

You made a stupid post. A post you can't even back up yourself. You said no variety I posted the games MS released, which is varied. I win, you lose.

You should think before you post next time. I agree MS needs bigger games. Going off recent rumors it seems MS is doing just that.

trooper_344d ago

Wow, you are way off base. But that's okay, that goes for most people who can't wake up and smell reality.

When I mentioned variety, I meant first party games. What games does Microsoft have that suits every genre? Do they have more exclusives than Sony? Are they actually utilizing their studios to create first party games? They can't keep relying on Halo, Gears and Forza. They need to create first party games that people can get excited about. Can you honestly say that the games YOU mentioned will get anyone to buy an XB1?

I can tell you right now that God of War and Last of Us especially will move PS4 consoles, not to mention a new Uncharted, if Sony decides to create a new one but I like new IPs either way.

The issue is that Sony is bringing the variety.

Microsoft isn't.
You can't prove me wrong, which is why you called my post stupid.

That's okay.
At least I live in reality and not dreamland.

AngelicIceDiamond344d ago

Well you changed your narrative once again. "When I mentioned variety, I meant first party games" How come you didn't mention that in your post earlier? Specifics is important. In house devs yes they lack variety.

"Can you honestly say that the games YOU mentioned will get anyone to buy an XB1?" Your original statement was MS having no variety. But in terms of big AAA's no they're games will pull little system sells if at all.

We know Sony has variety more then Nintendo and MS combined. Who would argue that? There's no dreamland over here you didn't make your first post clear at all. Other than that you're right I agree.

trooper_344d ago

Okie, I see that you are blind and out of touch with reality so it's like talking to a brick wall at this point.

Bai, bai!

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agent4532344d ago

Digital is the future. Cheaper games, riskier games, more profit for game developers......

rainslacker344d ago

Digital games are cheaper? News to me, as they tend to be the same price on release day, and stay more expensive longer. They do get sales, but often, the physical version is cheaper long before digital.

Maybe some riskier games, and on that vein, more self publishing from indies.

But more profit? You mean to the publishers right? And also, how is cheaper somehow translate to more profit for them? A physical release cost less than $3 per copy. But on the digital store, how much cheaper are they going to be? More than $3 I bet. You do realize that those digital storefronts actually take about the same cut from the sale of the game as they give to retailers right?

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TheColbertinator346d ago

As long we have the Xbox One X,power is our first priority. Gaming is a secondary concern.

We should be glad Microsoft is leading the 4K path first and multiplatform games are there too.

UCForce346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

No, gaming is priority. Remember PS2 Era, buddy ? The original Xbox didn’t surpass PS2 sales even the original Xbox was more powerful than PS2 because PS2 focused on game more than ever. PS4 is doing just like PS2 did. So go backwards with your brain logic for 10 seconds and think what made PS2 was special in first place. And @Kribwalker, try to think why competition is important for console gaming.

uptownsoul345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

@TheColbertinator - "As long we have the Xbox One X,power is our first priority."

While what you say is true about Xbox one X leading in power (& thus the best versions of multiplat games)...The problem is that Microsoft can't guarantee that they will always have the power advantage at all times.

Sony on the other hand can lean into power when they have that advantage, but can pivot to games when they see that as their advantage.

Gaming_Cousin345d ago ShowReplies(2)
SpaceRanger345d ago

“As long we have the Xbox One X,power is our first priority. Gaming is a secondary concern.“

Bookmark it guys, he only speaks the truth for all Xbox fanboys!

Dark_Knightmare2345d ago

lol sarcasm right because if not you're freaking delusional

Elda345d ago

That person is dead serious.

tontontam0345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Lol everyone knows that 4k is inevitable, sony sells 4k Tvs making ps5 a true 4k will increase their tv sales.

Xbox one x is just a half assed attempt to steal userbase from sony. Xbox can't beat playstation so they need a headstart to be able to at least keep up with playstation

Kyizen345d ago

Power is everything that is why the Nintendo Switch is doing so well /s

badz149345d ago

I don't think I was dreaming when Nintendo fanboys are singing "most powerful handheld ever made" about the Switch. so yeah...can't say THAT is not about power

Elda345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Games are a second priority? More jokes that make no sense & the sad thing most folks that support the X say this. Smh.

UltraNova345d ago

I cant you even listen to yourself?

MagicBeanz344d ago

"Gaming is a secondary concern", for a gaming console, you're kidding right? smh

Dragonscale344d ago

So whats the point in the power then? Without gaming power is absolutely pointless. And if you were so concerned about power you'd get a pc tbh. Also that 4k path has done jack for xbox so far lol, the switch says hi in that regard. Your just damage controlling tbh.

agent4532344d ago

Please tell me you were.sarcastic.

rainslacker344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I guess I'm glad they're leading that charge.

You know why?

When I say that Sony games are better, it's going to be right when MS doesn't have anything to actually compare the Sony game to. Nintendo makes it more of a challenge.

So, MS can have power, gamers can battle it out between Nintendo and Sony about who has better games.


Don't take Colbert too seriously. He's one of those joke troll accounts.

SuperSonic91342d ago

Do you even understand what you have just said?

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Moonman346d ago

" their major first party franchises are beginning to feel tired and losing their selling power in the market, such as with Halo or Gears, and their new efforts have all failed to stick- such as Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive."

TRUTH. And in the case of Sunset Overdrive (81 on metacritic), they could at least made a sequel for the fans who bought it. Everything doesn't have to sell 5 million out the gate to be a success over time. You build and build and allow it to grow over time...even 10 years, if it's actually quality with each release with a growing fanbase. One day, it might have a big audience. MS are just quitters. Buy our game right now or we will cancel it....crazy! That tells me you don't actually CARE about making good games, just the sales.

nibblo345d ago

MS doesn't own any of the IP's of those games. It seems that the Don Mattrick era Xbox didn't care much about owning IP's but Phil Spencer does as can be seen by Xbox under his leadership buying the Gears IP and keeping the Fable IP. Sony on the other hand will not publish a game unless it owns the IP and that is why they are more willingly to invest in their franchises because they know they will stay with them.

rainslacker344d ago

MS officially announced that they brought the GeOW franchise on Jan 27, 2014. It was announced Spencer was taking over the Xbox division on March 31, 2014.

Sorry, but Mattrick is the one that green lit the purchase, likely months before it actually was announced. Probably before the actual launch of the X1, probably when MS was trying to get another Gears game for the console.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen344d ago

Sony has published many games without owning the IP. SEE NIOH

nibblo343d ago

Mattrick was publicly kicked out at the beginning of July 2013 7 months before the GOW IP was announced by Phil Spencer. I don't think Mattrick was doing any deals after the 2013 reveal and it was likely that Spencer that pushed it through

rainslacker343d ago

You're right. Although, it's about 6 months, not 7.

Ballmer took over his duties until Spencer took over. It would be quite possible that Spencer made the suggestion even though he was still in charge of MGS at the time, because I'd imagine that to buy an IP of that size could easily take 3-6 months from idea, to approval, to negotiations, to final results. Obviously Ballmer would rely on those within the ranks to help him run the division on top of his regular duties at the time.

OTOH, it's also possible that this was something Ballmer thought was necessary or advantageous, because he knew how well received the series was on the Xbox brand, and he would want to repair all the damage left in Mattrick's terrible PR wake. It was said somewhere that MS wanted Epic to do another Gears game, which probably happened with Mattrick, and they declined, so this was a way for them to actually get the series for good.

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FallenAngel1984345d ago

@ nibblo

“Sony on the other hand will not publish a game unless it owns the IP ”

Sony is publishing Death Stranding and they don’t own the rights to that IP.

LP-Eleven345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Sony owns the Trademark (a type of Intellectual Property right) to Death Stranding.

Very few properties does Sony publish without trademarking (what people do in the industry when they secure rights to a property - something that is mis-perceived by many in the gaming community). Heavy Rain is the most recent example. They own the publishing rights, but did not trademark the property. Those rights remain Quantic's.

rainslacker344d ago

That's not always true. Sometimes they will publish a game that wouldn't be published otherwise on the system. They won't usually fully fund a game unless they own an IP.

chiefJohn117345d ago

That moment he realizes sunset overdrive is in the works lol

Automatic79345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


I think they have to start small and work there way up. Create Single player games like Tacoma, The Last Stand, Ori and Blind Forest, State of Decay, Cuphead, Ashen. Try to create Single Player narrative driven games with Xbox 360 graphics smaller budgets and depending on how they are received help them grown into bigger sequels. Xbox One has RYSE, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Quantum Break and Recore. While I believe they did well. They weren't commercial successful games. If they can go the route of Ninja theory and incubate solid narrative driven games with smaller budgets like Hellblade that would be fantastic for Xbox One library.

ShottyatLaw345d ago

I appreciated the Tacoma shout out. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Just wished it was longer.

UCForce345d ago

It has to be more than that. They also need a new AAA IP to surprise people. In my previous comments, I want MS to let 343 step out of comfort zone and try to create something new. Same goes with Coalition.