Kombo: TGS 2008: Fable 2 Hands-on

Kombo writes:

"For all Molyneux's ramblings, I'm still enthusiastic about this title. I got about fifteen minutes with the game, more than enough time to gather some sort of feel for the game.

It plays in the same way as the original Fable does, and looks even prettier than its predecessor. There is a quintessential Fable look and feel to the demo and it at first seems not much has changed. There are way more interactions available, still including the old classics like farting. The dogs responds to some and is in general a welcome addition to the game. When the character encounters a particularly horrible enemy, he witnesses his dog get kicked. It genuinely makes you want to kill the enemy and it seems as if Lionhead's plan to use the dog as emotional fodder will work."

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