Best Narrative of 2017

VGChartz's Brandon Wysocki: "Video games can offer all of the spectacle of blockbuster movies and the story depth of a novel, but with a level of interaction and immersion that make them, in my opinion, the epitome of entertainment. While graphics and gameplay are a critical part of making a video game a magical experience, the narrative can be just as essential. While graphics and even gameplay can become antiquated, a good story is timeless."

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Woolly_16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

If Horizon is the best narrative of 2017 then the standards for narrative in video_games must be very low.

to each their own though. .

TekoIie16d ago

Horizon, Zelda and Nier definitely aren't worthy of being nominated for a category like this.

Dark_Knightmare215d ago

I agree with Zelda but horizon and neir absolutely do

TekoIie15d ago


Then this year was a disappointing one for narrative-driven games if this is the best we can find.

Snookies1215d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Haha, saying Nier doesn't have a great narrative... You've obviously never finished the game then.

TekoIie15d ago (Edited 15d ago )


"Haha, saying Nier doesn't have a great narrative... You've obviously never finished the game then."

Sorry, but it doesn't do much special or outstanding in terms of narrative. It tells a pretty basic (but definitely fun) story which I enjoyed. its nothing worth giving an award to though.

Games I'd nominate personally would be Edith Finch, Hellblade, Pyre, Persona 5 and a little honorary mention to TW: Warhammer 2 because it actually did a good job as far as RTS's go at trying to add a story so I think it deserves some attention.

doos_vd_kak15d ago

Nier easily had the best narrative of 2017. It was pure genius, i've never played a game as unique as Nier in terms of storytelling.

UltraNova15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Hellblade is my winner. Horizon was good storywise but there are better games when it comes to narrative.

I must play Nier too. Damn too many games!

Edit: @ wooly

Dont worry the all time best narrative award goes to MS as with their...unique stories make people like you believe in anything they say and do and spread their word like gospel.

leoms15d ago

I bet an xbox game does, right?

TekoIie15d ago


Troll harder buddy because I don't own an Xbox system. Also, I already gave a list of games I felt were more deserving of being noticed for their narrative and I'm pretty sure none of them are on an Xbox system.

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NordicRainy16d ago

Sadly they are. Just look at how much praise Life is Strange got.

TomatoDragon15d ago

Nah. Horizon had a great story. The reasons behind why the robot animals exist was very interesting, and primitive humans using advance tech was a nice change.

Dark_Knightmare215d ago

Bro everyone knows your name is synonymous with Sony trolling and being a Xbox fanboy so why do you even waste your time trolling Sony anymore no one takes you seriously you're a bad joke bro

Cyborgg15d ago

Definitely nothing from Microsoft

doos_vd_kak15d ago

The only thing low here is your standard of trolling. Horizon is one of the best of 2017, like it or not.

UCForce15d ago

Then you failed to understand why Horizon Zero Dawn was successful.

15d ago
Aceman1815d ago

For me is go


Right now I'm playing P5 and I'm loving its story

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Hardiman15d ago

What Remains of Edith Finch, Horizon and Nier had great stories and with Horizon I read every log and watched every hologram!

GamesMaster198215d ago

I agree Horizon had a excellent story so did Nier Automata. Also two of the best game's last year in my opinion. what a time to be a PS4 owner. Bring on the excellent story games this year has to offer, Yakuza 6, God Of War, Days Gone, Detroit to name but a few.

EmperorDalek15d ago

Persona 5 and Wolfenstein 2 had better stories, undeniably.

ShadowWolf71214d ago

Story was most definitely NOT Wolfenstein 2's strong suit.

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