Sony to Nearly Double the Total Number of PSVR Games by End of 2018

According to a report by Silicon Era, Sony expects to increase the number of PSVR games from 150 to 280 over the course of 2018. Citing Japanese financial publication Nikkei, the report holds the 80 percent increase in games planned for 2018 is primarily due to the fact that Sony has shipped over 2 million PSVR units …

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corroios345d ago

the market is growing and the 199 bundle was a perfect move from Sony.

Stogz345d ago

Definitely looking forward to all these VR games and first up is The Inpatient. Super excited for that one!

fr0sty345d ago

Sony really seems to be going all in on this "fad" that wouldn't last more than a few years, according to many. They have forged their own VR market while beating the other VR markets it doesn't even try to compete with along the way.

madpuppy345d ago

If you notice, the price of the other 2 big VR headsets are actually dropping in price, I hope they can stick with it and find a good price point, because the more people developing VR content the better, and the more VR headsets out there the more people focused on exploiting the tech.

madpuppy345d ago

I ended getting it with 2 games for 206.00 shipped. gran turismo and batman vr from B&H, great deal.

Apocalypse Shadow345d ago

Very excited for this year's psvr games. So many potentially good ones to choose from like ace combat 7,sairento from pc,moss,blood and truth,bravo team,etc.

Think I've bought more vr games this generation than regular games. Maybe because of the awesome immersion and the cheaper prices of games.

Wonder what Sony will say during CES this week? Hope they got more surprises. Maybe share details of their success during the holidays. Maybe some new vr hardware feature or service like "vr home." Can't wait.