Killzone 2 Heavy Soldier Info

New information and images are available on the Heavy Soldier:

"The Heavy Soldier is a slow-moving and heavily armored fighting machine. It is one of the latest additions to an already impressive arsenal of Helghast forces and is usually deployed individually to support Helghast ground troops.

With its heavy weaponry and extra-large posture, the Heavy Soldier acts almost like a one-man army. Using an automated and non-detachable StA-6 chaingun/grenade launcher combo, the Heavy Soldier is able to rain down a hail of bullets on anyone that tries to come close. And with the protection offered by its reinforced full-body armor, the Heavy Soldier isn't afraid to engage the enemy head on either."

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DavidMacDougall3424d ago

Jesus look at that its like the heavy from TF2 but more darker

DreamcastFanboy3424d ago

Looks kinda like a Big daddy.

poopsack3424d ago

bringin badass boss battles back to FPS's

AuToFiRE3424d ago

damn this is going to hurt xD

WINZLOW3424d ago

should be called killzowned

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The story is too old to be commented.