34BigThings Categorically Denies Digital Foundry's Redout XB1X Analysis, Threatening Legal Action

34BigThings categorially denies Digital Foundry's technical analysis of Redout on Xbox One X. The Italian developer also threatened legal action to defend its own public image.

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ccgr313d ago

This should get interesting

moegooner88313d ago

It is rather funny because the devs themselves promised peformance and resolution for the title, that they didn’t achieve one bit, but they still think it is ok for themselves to lie lol

darthv72312d ago

I watched the video before it was pulled. It seemed more like the standard game running on X with no patch. The X ran it better than the O by default.

SirKnight312d ago

Get ready for The Streisand Effect.

Eonjay312d ago

I said it yesterday. The resolution is higher on Xbox One X. DF are frauds. They didn't do a proper analysis.

3-4-5312d ago

* No, their boss did, or whoever is in charge. 99% of the workers don't get to make that call and would most likely never do that. It's the publishers and those in charge that force these things, and the 99% of the workers get called lazy for it.

Yea some devs aren't nearly as good as they think they are but there are way too many whiny entitled spoiled brats who want everything their way and can't handle if everything isn't perfect.

Basically too many people can't handle reality and want a specialized version of it where everything they want happens 100% of the time.

Aenea312d ago


Oh really, they are frauds now? Hmmm, 4 years they've been blamed for being pro-Sony with the comparison videos, then a few months they were being praised by Xbox fans and now they are back to being frauds?

It's hilarious!

NeoGamer232312d ago

DF are not frauds. They have done a ton of console analysis and upon scrutiny it has been right time and time again.

Furthermore they have no reason to say anything negative about any developer. They just tell it like they see it. Now, maybe they were on an older version or some environment issue was happening during the testing.

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KaiPow313d ago

I'm more worried about the FPS drops than frame rate.

Dragonscale313d ago

FPS means frames per second thus frame rate lol.

Stanjara313d ago

He ment rather 30 locked frame rate than 60 all over the place

letsa_go312d ago Show
Eidolon312d ago

They're caught up in the relation of the terms FPS and framerate and unwilling to be analytical/reasoning with the comment. If people were intelligent, they would know what he meant, and also realize it's a damn opinion, and essentially blasting an opinion. We all do it, but this is blatant oversight.

FlameBaitGod312d ago

"I'm more worried about the FPS drops than frame rate."

I don't think no one can beat this in 2018

Eidolon312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

The statement is not as moronistic as it seems. I believe what he means is he'd prefer a locked lower-than-promised framerate with ZERO drops and steady, than the promised MAX framerate(of 60 in this case)dropping by noticeable amounts. It can be pretty tiresome to look at, more so than a well paced and locked LOWER framerate.

Davidgr2312d ago

I’m more worried about the resolution than how sharp the graphics look. XD

Eidolon312d ago

I'm more concerned about the visual fidelity than the graphics.

Eidolon312d ago

Classically instant. D:

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Godmars290313d ago

They should be disputing these claims with with their own data. Not lawyers.

Chris12313d ago

They did, they told it as it is and DF have since apologised. They also have to defend their reputation, stuff like this can close a studio.

zb1ftw777313d ago

They can't.

You can't support lies.

Redout Devs have caught them lieing. That's it.

Sue their asses !!

bluefox755313d ago

They weren't lying, they made a minor error. The game still drops to 1080p, and has significantly more frame drops than the Pro version, they didn't get that part wrong

TKCMuzzer313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Eh, the devs says its [email protected] with dynamic resolution, that in its own right is contradictory. It's actually targeted 4K, as that all it can be if it has a dynamic resolution. Plus surely, if its only dynamic resolution than that makes it worse that the FPS don't hold out at 60FPS.

TankCrossing313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Devs also say it scales down to 50% of 4k with a lower limit of 1080p.

A) 1080p is 25% of 4k
B) what's the betting it spends a lot of time at that lower limit, as per the DF pixel counting analysis?

I quite like the efforts they went to for Redout in VR, but I think DF have caught them with their pants down.

letsa_go312d ago

@TankCrossing What? 4k is 2160p. 2160p minus 25% is 1620p. Minus 50% is 1080p.

Cobra951312d ago

3840x2160 / 2 = 3840x1080
3840x1080 / 2 = 1920x1080
3840x2160 / 4 = 1920x1080
2160p / 4 = 1080p

Get it now?

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zb1ftw777313d ago

Digital Foundry often compares best case scenario on Sony machines Vs worst case scenario on MS machines.

They are very biased but try to hide it.

If they get caught and sued for doing this, then good.

The truth should never be fabricated.

2cents313d ago

I've seen this too and commented on it which resulted in receiving negative responses.

So glad a Dev is finally calling them out on their bias BS.

Since the X they have shifted tone but any opportunity they get it's back to their usual tricks.

sinspirit313d ago

Really? You think no dev before this would have called them out for showing a worse performing version? Did you read the article? What was wrong was the resolution they told. It scales to 1080p to keep framerate up, but isn't always 1080p. That's it. The rest was true.

2cents313d ago

Why are you so defensive of them?
Innacurate analysis, false information and a defamation is the problem here.
If you can't understand that and see how that can affect a developer then there is no point in continuing to explain the issue.

fr0sty313d ago

What analysis was inaccurate and how? Don't just throw claims out there, cite evidence.

sinspirit313d ago

Everyone wants to point out so and so being "defensive". Why are you being so ignorant and on the attack just because you don't like the results? The defense is a lack of evidence on your part. Try providing information rather than just flaming.

Digital Foundry does well in depth tests and walks you through it the entire time. They do a damn fine job but they finally made a mistake, and that's what they got called out for. Which, the apologized for. Not for other imaginary mistakes that you wish were there but for the one they made here. They've corrected themselves before and release updates as the products they test do.

How one sided can you be? What about when they have shown PS4 Pro games having issues when it came out and X1 wasn't in the picture yet? What about 360 vs PS3 way back when they were just a small site? Guess what normally won back then due to easier development and optimization?

PS4 has 50% more GPU cores, better RAM, more system resources freed for graphical tasks, was lead platform, and had easier development tools so of course any comparison to the XBox One had clear results(most of the time).

Since you claim "Since the X they have shifted tone but any opportunity they get it's back to their usual tricks." you are saying they were extremely biased before and are less so now that the X1X is out, but are now biased again? Educate yourself. This doesn't mean XBox is a bad console. It's your opinion whether it's good or not. It doesn't mean that it not being the best ON PAPER has to offend you, aside from the X1X now being out. Now the real world performance just shows that developers need more support to optimize games properly. Bungie needed help for Destiny 1 to get 1080p on XBox One. They should provide the same help right now for higher resolutions and constant framerates.

Most of the issues with the performance upgrades is mostly prone to inexperience or developer laziness. It just can't be helped. Would you defend PUBG's poor performance on X1X as biased too? The input lag is just dreadful. That's shear laziness and being rushed to get software on the platform.

2cents313d ago

Chill out.
I don't care for this game or fanboy nonsense.
I have all three consoles and I watch DF to figure out which multiplat for which console is best, so I get the right one.

You just sound angry. Sorry to upset you if I don't think DF are unbias, but my opinion should not get you so worked up that you have to write an essay. DF are Bias, nothing you say will change my opinion because I watch all their videos and I know their rhetoric well. Take those rose tinted glasses of for a sec and you might see it. But I doubt that will happen.

sinspirit312d ago


Oh, no. I'm "worked up" so now you have relevance to keep replying on an uneducated topic. I was passing time because it's currently 2am and I was waiting to pick someone up from their flight. I think I can write more than three sentences just because I am interested in doing so. What is this? Back in the day that "nerd" was still an insult? Oh, no! Watch out for that paragraph!

The thing is. Opinions don't distort reality. Digital Foundry is very little opinion. Any time they do give an *opinion* they word it to point that out. Otherwise, it's hard evidence, tests, and numbers that you can't argue with. It's not that they're biased. It's that you are biased. Sorry the results aren't the way you want them to be. Yes. The X1X is better hardware. But, the software is the issue and Microsoft's internal developers aren't helping to remedy it for those without the tools and experience.

StonieWylder312d ago

"Chill out.
I don't care for this game or fanboy nonsense."

Says the one calling DF biased and won't provide any proof.

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WilliamSheridan313d ago

I don't underwear how all of their PUBG reviews focus on the stuttering from loading screens and initial players joining, versus how well the game had run pretty much from the start.

sinspirit313d ago

Because, it's not acceptable just because it's not in the middle of the actual game. They have shown it in the middle of a match several times. It takes a few minutes before the framerate calms down but the graphics comparison is still quite bland and the input lag is terrible.

Pantz313d ago

I totally underwear what you mean!

WilliamSheridan313d ago

LoL @ underwear auto correct...

But anyway, the game ran fine for me from day one. I actually had better, more stable frame rates and I'll rubber banding on launch day than I do now...

fr0sty313d ago

@william, not autocorrect, look at their name.

WilliamSheridan313d ago

I get his name... Ironic... Now look at my earlier post with my auto correct failure...

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TKCMuzzer313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Nope, it's just how people distort things to make it fit their point of view. Xbox One games in general have performed worse than the PS4 counterpart, that is not DF fault. In fact, most of their 'X' videos have been complimentary about the patches.
If the devs actually pointed out in patches what they had added then DF could compare it with their patch notes. The fact is with a dynamic resolution the pixel count could hit 1080p many times.
The devs states [email protected], with dynamic resolution. Should we sue the devs for saying [email protected] when actually the game doesn't always hit 4K and neither does it always hit 60FPS?

Dragonscale313d ago

Digital Foundry are biased towards PlayStation ?


bigmalky313d ago

Eurogamer in general and it's readers are Xbox fans. They're also another site that rams their politics into gaming as much as possible.

Used to love the site until the biases became really noticeable.

obidanshinobi313d ago

Yep, they have a Patreon, where do think that money comes from?
The Patreon itself is greedy as they're owned by Gamer Network. They're just exploiting fanboys for cash.
No self respecting Xbox owner would give a cent to DF.
They can't piss of their Sony fanboy contributors too much as they would lose revenue.

AnubisG313d ago

What the stupid hell are you talking about? DF was a goner ever since the PS4 came out until the Xbox One X came out. They had their hayday during the Xbox 360 years and constantly crapped on the PS3. They formed to glorify the Xbox 360.

InTheLab313d ago

I'm guessing you missed the 360 years when they were "biased" in the opposite direction

Aenea312d ago

Ahh! DF is back in the doghouse for the Xbox fans it seems!

Seriously, don't be silly, leave the tinfoil hat off!

ceooflhm312d ago

Not everyone is part of the delusional fanboy war which is all about bias of ( insert favorite console or PC here ) owners. They overlooked or missed a scaler and apologized for no reason considering Redout came at them after a patch. Now as for bias if there is any then you have it backwards. Since you are one of the delusional ones ( You sure seem to love the Switch and Xbox while steadily trashing Sony with nothing more than ignorance. That's bias ) Now look in the background here. Hmm. I see two Xbox 360s prominently placed parallel to an encased Scorpio chip. I'm a Sony guy ( not to be confused with fanboy as I mean I own a base PS4 and that's it. I don't feel the need to take up for corporations that don't pay me as it benefits me none ) and I still don't think they are biased towards Sony even though I clearly showed what some people would see as bias towards Sony.

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Exoil312d ago

Looks like a poor mans Wipeout

balance2theforce312d ago

I guess I could see what you're getting at. Given that a couple of vehicles looked a bit similar IMO from some trailers and thumbnails and such that I've seen.Then again Wipeout always looked like hobo's F-Zero to me.

letsa_go312d ago

Found the developer! haha