Opinion: Quicksaves Versus Sense Of Urgency

The ability to save is a given among modern video games, but there doesn't seem to be a save system that can satisfy everyone. As players, gamers want to be able to save and resume our games at any point. For many, even save points are too restrictive; PC gamers are used to quicksaving, which allows the player to save every five seconds in fear of failure.

And that's the downside of saving, really. While it means that players can exit the game without losing progress, it also means that player failure -- as well as player choice -- holds less weight.

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DevastationEve3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

With Heavy Rain's emphasis on keeping the game world seamless and continuing with a particular session even after a failed mission, we should be seeing how gamers respond to a such a great concept.

So far, games have tried:

Conditional Progression: progress in the game goes according to meeting certain prerequisites. like "score 15000" or "defeat 35 ogres"

Linear Progression: usually involves unlocking doors to new rooms, or gates to new levels. or going through classes of cars (C class, B class, A class)

Alliance based Progression: taking sides of either good or bad. or being part of a gang, group, or organization. usually involves mission based objectives.

Free Roam based Progression: game evolves as you log in hours. developer/user created content further expands gaming. applies best to the MMORPG genre.

Each type has its various uses for game saves. With MMORPGs for example it usually saves when loading a new area. With linear games, saves occur at certain checkpoints. With conditional/mission based games, when the condition is met or the objective has been completed it saves.

In Mass Effect, the game saves at certain points (like right before a major battle). It also saves when you land on a new planet. You can also create a save anywhere in the world. This system is the most used across many games, and I don't think it hinders a game's difficulty. Games should be able to be discontinued whenever you want to without worrying about starting a level or objective over.