Destiny 2 is a mix of good and bad, but mainly average

"While some of the Destiny 2 community members have engaged in useful feedback and criticism, the rest are on the bandwagon of insulting Bungie.

Kirk Hamilton, Editor at Kotaku, named Destiny 2 as one of the most disappointing games of 2017, claiming that Bungie repeated some of mistakes they'd made previously. I also agree with his statement that Destiny 2 does have praiseworthy characteristics, and it is not a lost cause." - Saniya Ahmed, Gamer Professionals.

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NeoGamer232312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I didn't even bother with Destiny 2 yet. Will wait for it to go cheap.

I like games with a true journey, campaign, and story. Destiny and now Destiny 2 is a poor excuse for all three.

It is like a lab rat game. Just keep going, leveling, and trying to find awesome loot. Then, when you are done they release an expansion to keep you in the lab rat game.

Bungie, once the top of the FPS genre... Now, they aren't even in the top 5 probably. May even be out of the top 10.

Once upon a time it mattered what the single player experience was like. Games like Destiny don't care about single players and just want you online and going on forever feeding them money continuously. These games are no good for gamers and are no good for the creativity of the industry.

JeffGUNZ311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

To be fair, Destiny is a loot based game, so that's the main goal of it is to grind for the best gear and weapons.

Also, the shooting mechanics in Destiny are still top-notch. They do have some work to add more drive to the endgame, but man, the shooting in this game feels so nice.

irishyort310d ago

Ive junked it already.

I put 1000s of hours into D1 and they released this rubbish game with 2 Primary gun slots because they have no idea how to keep everyone happy and get more casual players involved.

They had us all fooled for 2 weeks there where everyone bought the game, so they clearly made their money and done a runner as far as I'm concerned. I even foolishly paid for the 1st 2 DLCs and wont even bother to get the game again once the next DLC releases as I couldn't be stuffed with the changes and the un-fun gunplay in PVP. Heck even the Division was ahead of it in Twitch view ratings last week. WTF?!

Maybe Destiny 3 will get it back to where it should be, but the D1 that I grew to love is clearly a distant shadow now. Guess I'll find out in 3 years. Hopefully Anthem developers are watching this debacle and seeing what NOT to do.