1UP: Otomedius Gorgeous Hands-On Preview

Otomedius serves as a revival of sorts for Parodius, Konami's cult-classic Japan-only shooting series that poked fun at the genre-defining Gradius franchise. Here, the classic spaceships from Gradius and its various offshoots (Salamander, Life Force) have been transmogrified into sexy airborne temptresses (and one dude), and you pilot them around candy-colored levels while shooting waves of deadly penguins. While the trappings may appear completely absurd, the underlying shoot-em-up gameplay remains faithful to the old titles, with plenty of bullet barrages, giant bosses, and the familiar customizable, cash-in power-up system. Konami has wisely added scads of new content to this arcade port, including two new stages, three original characters, and a new three-player cooperative boss rush mode for Xbox Live.

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