Ex Lionhead Dev: Microsoft Made An Interesting Choice For Fable 4; Not Studio Gobo's Electric Square

Former Lionhead developer Don Williamson apparently figured out which studio is building Fable 4 and he commented that it's an "interesting choice" by Microsoft. He also said no studio based in Brighton could take on such a massive task, which would rule out Electric Square and point to Playground Games.

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Abash314d ago

"He also said no studio based in Brighton could take on such a massive task"

We have no idea how Fable 4 will be. If State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 are any indication, its possible it could look like a more cleaned-up version of the 360 games to save on the budget. I just can't imagine MS building a truly ambitious Fable 4 at this point unless its a next gen Xbox game

Alexious313d ago

If it is that Playground Games project, it's been described as "large scale" and at an early stage, which could mean a release in 2020 as a launch title (possibly cross-platform like Breath of the Wild?).

Kumakai313d ago

Playground games knows how to make a good looking game. Horizon games are some of the prettiest out there. And if the game is massive, that hardly speaks to a low budget game.

Septic313d ago

"I just can't imagine MS building a truly ambitious Fable 4 at this point unless its a next gen Xbox game"

Guess we'll have to wait and see. Seems way too premature to state that the game is made on a budget.

chiefJohn117313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I'm actually hoping it looks like fable 2 with better animations and detail. The only way I can see such a massive task is if it has a MP portion that's really demanding.

Mr Pumblechook313d ago

@Septic Surely they can use the engine for Fable Legends? The beta showed it works and 'all' Microsoft need to do is build a single-player campaign. If they started after Legends was canceled that means 2.5 years of development - enough time to be ready for Christmas 2018!

rainslacker313d ago

Didn't PG say they were working on a new IP though? I can't remember if it was rumored or they specifically said it was an open world RPG, but I do remember something about it being a new IP.

This was with their newly opened 2nd studio as I recall. Their first studio is still thought to be working on FH.

Maybe my memory is fuzzy here, because I know a lot of stuff was going around in the rumor mill about them at the time, coupled with a lot of discussion on if they'd stay exclusive to Xbox, which was exacerbated by them saying they weren't prohibited by going multi-plat.

For the sake of discussion, if PG is still working on FH, then their 2nd studio just recently opening, then I can't imagine Fable 4 would come anytime soon. OTOH, if PG isn't doing FH, then that means they're working on 2 concurrent open world RPGs. That seems like a very unlikely scenario.

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Imp0ssibl3314d ago

This sounds good but also far. Could it be a launch game for the next Xbox?!?

Cyborgg313d ago

I was thinking the same thing

gangsta_red313d ago

Doubt it, there hasn't been any rumors to suggest a new Xbox anytime soon.

ImGumbyDammit313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Why not? There aren't rumors about a console only that Microsoft itself admitted they are working on one. So, if this game is just in the early stages of development it would take, like any large game, around three years to complete. So yeah, it could be ready about the time the next Xbox console comes about in 2020-2021 and in that time frame it is most likely being developed to support just the X and any next console Microsoft releases.

gangsta_red313d ago

They just released the Xbox X, I doubt a new console is coming this soon in the same way I doubt a PS5 release anytime soon.

And we don't know if this game is in the early stages, for all we know this game could have been given to a studio the minute Fable Legends was cancelled.

Remember before last E 3 that rumors of Playground and Electric Square were developing games for Xbox.

I think it's safe to assume that these games have already been in development for a good period of time.

sinspirit313d ago


Sony said they were working on PS4 as soon as PS3 released. They never stopped designing and throwing things on a board as they went along. Not that they would already begin prototyping or anything expensive. But, products like these are always on the drawing board. They already said they're working on PS5. Even if they didn't say they were, it's common sense that they are. They just aren't gallivanting around trying to make more headlines to attract attention. You don't need them to say it. "only that Microsoft itself admitted they are working on one".

PhantomS42313d ago

Quite possibly. It would be more than welcome, Fable has been gone for far too long.

Zeref313d ago

I guarantee its gonna be at E3. They've probably been working on this for some time now, if its that far off it wouldn't have leaked already. The fact that it leaked means that it must be close.

Krysis313d ago

The one x seems like it will hole for years or so where it will become the base model and a new upgrade will be available.

shiva1313d ago

Xbox one x isn't even available in all countries where Xbox one or Xbox one s are available. First they need to make Xbox one x available in all of MS marketing countries. In the mean time they can do all the prototypes for their next launch and start the hype though.

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ChristMustDie314d ago

This is good to know. To be fair to those developers listed, wouldn't you prefer if Fable 4 was made by a premium developer?

Razzer314d ago

Really hope Playground is the dev taking over Fable. Think they would do an awesome job.

mcstorm313d ago

I agree. For me horizon has set the bar for arcade/open world racing games and putting them in charge of fable could be an amazing move by Microsoft.

Razzer313d ago

Agree. They have done wonders with the Forza Horizon franchise. FH3 is my favorite racing game. And a great open world game as well. Definitely think they have what it takes to make Fable great again.

Eidolon313d ago

Great looking OW racing games and quality. And look at Guerilla Game taking on the OW TP RPG coming from linear first person shooters, let's just hope it turns out that good for them.

Eidolon313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

They had said they were working on an non-racing open world game, then later it's a RPG. So, seems likely it's them.

rainslacker313d ago

But it was also rumored, or stated(I can't remember which), that their open world RPG was a new IP. That would exclude Fable if they're still working on FH, and it's highly unlikely they'd be working on two concurrent open world RPG's.

LavaLampGoo314d ago

Now he just have to see what Table is like without a wishful thinker and possibly accidental liar at the wheel

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