PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Review – As Buggy as it is Fun | GameCloud

Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "In all honesty, I think PUBG Corp should have delayed the official release of the game until early this year so that the significant problems of the game could be ironed out. Connection problems, lag, rubber-banding and a rash of cheaters are the ingredients for an online game’s death-sentence if left unchecked. They have shown a fair amount of diligence in working on these issues post-release, however, and the future of the game could still be promising. At its core, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially if you’re playing with friends, and I think it could be the best example of a “Battle Royale” game to date. It just needs a bit more work and polish to get it far away from the “Early Access” state its currently in. If you are interested in trying PUBG, do yourself the favour of getting on PC, so you’re not playing an interactive slideshow."

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TheMuffDiver318d ago

Cheaters on console? i didnt think so but could be wrong. I know PC is littered with hackers doing the speed hack, anyways I am enjoying this game very very much on the X.

318d ago
corroios318d ago

I really dont understand how hard is to run a game that got what ONE map? with textures just ugly? what the hell did they do with the money they got from the 20 million copies sold on the PC... Do they just have a couple of dudes from college working on the graphics?

TheMuffDiver318d ago

Your right there are no excuses its bullshit! one of the most sold games ever. I watched an interview of that Brandon guy the one who created it and he will tell you he know very little on how to make a game. H3 podcast youtube is where the interview is.

jjb1981318d ago

I listened to him on a podcast. He doesn't really play games. The developer went on a spending spree.

Revvin317d ago

I don't think its ugly, its one of the biggest maps in any console game with a high number of players. MAG on PS3 was pretty ugly but a good game with lots of players and a large map but that wasn't anywhere near the size of PUBG

corroios317d ago

but comparing the PS3 hardware and Xbox X hardware is night and day. MAG was amazing for its time because of the amount of players online.

Revvin316d ago

I don't think you are understanding what I'm getting at, its not the generation they came from its the scale of the game. There were much better looking games than MAG in its generation, it was the scale of MAG that meant it was far less detailed graphically than CoD or Battlefield of the day. In my opinion PUBG holds up pretty good, not as detailed as some but its scale far exceeds other FPS/TPP games.