Diablo III Gameplay Q&A with Jay Wilson

Blizzard's Jay Wilson conducted a Q&A session to discuss the newly announced gameplay features in Diablo III, including the new implementation of runes, respecs, overhauled skill system and critical death animations.

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thereapersson3384d ago

"Runes modify skills, and there are tier levels in runes.

You can swap runes in your skills. Runes drop frequently. Runes are solely a modification of your skills, not items like D2. Higher tier runes have a greater effect. High end runes are rare and are a big find.

For example, runes can make skills cost less, or do more damage, or perform other changes to your skills (e.g. knockbacks and reflecting damage). A teleport skill with the "strike" rune does damage to nearby enemies that you teleport close to."


I hope that you can still create badass armor sets and weapons! I don't just want to use runes to augment my skills; I want to show everyone the awesome items I can create by searching out the more powerful runes!