Cory Barlog answers 102 Rapid-Fire Questions About God Of War

We answer a lot of questions about the new God of War's gameplay in our latest cover story on the PS4 exclusive, but many little details are just waiting to be uncovered. While visiting Santa Monica Studio to learn about the game, Joe Juba sat down with creative director Cory Barlog and volleyed over 100 questions his way about Kratos' next adventure.

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UCForce17d ago

Cory Barlog looks very tired. His hair and bread are all gone silver.

PavelBHunter17d ago

Yeah, hope he gets some rest after finnishing this project. :)

UCForce17d ago

I want Christopher Judge who will play as Kratos to say “Indeed”.

InTheZoneAC16d ago

he's looked this way for several years, probably going back to God of War 2/3

Eidolon16d ago

His beard will get more silver until the game goes gold.

Lighter916d ago

Christopher Judge is voicing Kratos? Now, I have to get this game..... Indeed.

rainslacker16d ago

Hopefully the script is good enough to show off how good an actor he is. He was typecast as Teal'c, but he actually has a lot of acting chops. Not that he didn't do Teal'c really well, but it can easily be seen as something not that dynamic.

SuperSonic9116d ago

Even as a huge PS3 fan, I used to dismiss GOW as a mindless hack and slash action game the Kidtendo fans like to spread in public but boy was I bery wrong. Now I understand why millions of gamers are loyal to this series - they are actually well made games.

Vizigoth0416d ago

Indeed they are. One of my favorite franchises on PlayStation.

mafiahajeri16d ago

LMAO "kidtendo" xD I would love to see you run into AVGN...

chrisx17d ago

Cat wait for this beast of a game

16d ago
G20WLY16d ago Show
InMyOpinion16d ago

Make sure you feed & pet it until it gets the game.

Woolly_17d ago

Was he asked of a release date?

OB1Biker17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Yes, he was.
February 14th is the date he gave

Woolly_17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

No hostility?. . ^_^

That date happens to be Valentine's Day ahah.. Probably playing with us...

ArchangelMike17d ago

Technically he was tricked into saying February 14th :D

zivtheawesome16d ago

Q: "What's your birth day?"
A: "The day I was born"
Q: "What's valentines day?"
A: "February 14th"
Q: "When does the game come out?"
A: "When it's done

opinionated16d ago

Funny but not very informative

dRanzer16d ago

Hope it will be masterpiece

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The story is too old to be commented.
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