Spider-Man PS4 Playtest Performed By Insomniac Games, Devs Comment On It

Insomniac Games reported that today is the second day that the Marvel’s Spider-Man development team has been testing the new title.

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UCForce346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

This game need to come out along with the avenger movie because it going to sale a lot.

Abnor_Mal346d ago

I doubt that this game needs to be attached to anything else for it to sell well. If anything the Avengers game needs to be attached to the Avengers movie. Spider-Man is Spider-Man and will sell very well on its own.

DarXyde345d ago


Spider-Man is crazy successful in all of its mediums. They've shown enough of the game to really sell people on it too.

WilliamSheridan345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Apparently you don't understand the importance of having a movie attached to the licensed games. You absolutely will see an increase in sales if you launch day and date with a movie, or prior to it. You get more impulse buys based on having seen the movie and being excited from what you just saw. While the game may do ok sales without a movie, it'll definitely do better WITH a movie.

Abnor_Mal344d ago

@WilliamSheridan Fair enough but I still don't think this game needs to be attached to the Avengers movie. Had the game come out at the same time as the stand alone Spider-Man movie I would be more inclined to agree with you and @UCForce. Not the Avengers movie where more than likely Spider-Man would have a smaller role and less screen time as compared to all the other bigger stars of the movie would. Now if you're banking your theory on the casual movie goers then they may be disappointed if they only have a XBox and the game is only on PlayStation. Or are people going to go out in droves after the movie and buy PlayStation consoles, I guess we will have to wait and see.

NecrumOddBoy346d ago

Really what they should just do is put the release trailer out before the film just to give the attention. Then release it a month later

rainslacker345d ago

I think the game would sell well regardless. I do think that the game will release around the release of the movie though. May to be exact. Personally though, the new Avengers movie doesn't look all that appealing. They are getting way too many characters into the series, and they aren't developing any o them anymore. Captain America is the only one who they keep developing, but that is because they put him in his own movies. On top of that, Robert Downy Jr appears to be growing very bored with playing Tony Stark.

chris235345d ago

you DO know that all the storylines are already out there in comic form? it‘s not like the producers are going wild or there is a secret about what‘s coming next
or anything. they are just rehashing the comic arcs. you make it out to be as these superheromovies all came with fresh ideas and concepts.

rainslacker345d ago

I understand that. But when I go to see a movie, and spend money on it, I want that to be something worth seeing. I shouldn't have to go to supplemental or source material to get the whole story. I don't mind doing that to get more of the story, but if I want to read the comics, then I would just read the comics. I go to the movies to see the story in a new way....not have it watered down so they can cram as much fan service into the movie as possible.

I don't mind retelling of a story in a different medium at all, but it's long since gotten to the point where some creative license is needed to get a more focused story, instead of spending so much time on trying to introduce yet another new character who isn't going to have any actual development within the movie universe.

Never once did I imply or even hint at them just making stuff up, and I never once thought they had original ideas for these movies.

FyBy345d ago

The game doesn’t need it, but it would be great synergy!

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Father__Merrin345d ago

Gamingbolt will give this a 4/10 claiming people are tired of open world now

MagicBeanz345d ago

I know I cant wait for this game its going to be fantastic but I'm defenitly expecting the propaganda reviews as usual for PS exclusives in an attempt to kill it before it even releases.

SuperSonic91345d ago

If the Disney Empire flexes its muscles in the video game industry this time around I believe MS nor Nintendo can effect any resistance.

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LoveSpuds345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

No question that sites like Gamingbolt and Forbes are a negative force in respect of gaming media. Their bashing of anything PlayStation is widely known but another unfortunate side effect of this behaviour is that it throws the legitimacy of many other smaller sites into question too.

Regardless, if Spiderman turns out to play as well as it looks, no amount of negativity from these handful of questionable sites will impact the overall media frenzy and excitement surrounding the game.

Father__Merrin344d ago

I hope not but biased fanboy reviews really started last gen. Anything Sony related was tuned down deliberately imo it can make a small difference to unaware internet users.

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