New Xbox Experience - What You Want to Know: Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Does this sound familiar? You are sitting at your computer, most likely at work or school and you check out, to see what new content is up on Marketplace. Maybe you see a new Theme you want to download, or notice that the map pack you've been waiting for has finally arrived.

So, you sit there and let the profanity fly (hopefully in your head) because there's nothing you can do, but wait until you get home. Those sexy Gamerpics, movies and additional levels just sit there and mock you saying, 'I know you want me, but you'll have to wait to queue me up for the download.'

Guess what? Not anymore.

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Light Yagami3422d ago

This is gonna piss all over PSN.

vitz33422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

How? Alot of these "features", PS3 owners have had for a while now.

Also do you own shares in Microsh*t or something? How does this "piss" all over PSN exactly?


Ever since we've had remote play we've been able to not only queue up downloads, but watch/listen/play them as well.

I would hope you keep your feet out of your mouth in the future.

pansenbaer3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I hope you don't mean just this new service and that maybe you are talking about the full 'Xbox Live Experience'. If you mean going on your PC and chosing what you want to download will piss all over PSN, than you are crazy. While I can see some people using it, is it really that big of an advantage? I know when I'm at work I look to see what the PSN update is and I already know what I want. When I get home it takes me less than a minute to select and start downloading all that I want. Now maybe if they somehow made it so that you could select everything on you PC and have your 360 turn on to download everything, then shut off afterwords, that would be sweet.

BlackRaven853422d ago

vitz3, you're new uh? PSN does not have this feature already. It has the website available for PSP downloads. But doesn't feature PS3, that you have to actually do over in PS3 itself. Maybe if it gets popular over on 360 then Sony will add it, and improve it to the PSN Store. They like to follow 360 on that type of stuff.

Sitdown3422d ago

Well the ps3 has this thing called remote play..and like Vitz said, with the power of your can turn on your ps3 and start downloads, so when you get home you can jump right on a begin enjoying the downloads. I do have to many of you actually surf the website looking to see what is new on marketplace.....I know I don't.

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CEO of Troll Corp3422d ago

I was beginning to think that microsoft might be onto something,after reading this,I am now 100% positive the new dashboard will be the second biggest failure of 2008(too human takes the crown)

Internet Trolling Ex3422d ago

How xbox core owners are feeling knowing they're going to have to buy a hard disk to download and run this average looking visual ''upgrade''

I also want to know how they feel about being charged 20 bucks just to change the eye color of their avatar

ChrisGTR13422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

.... why do you have 2 seperate accounts? why not just post 2 comments on the same one?
yea im talking to you
Internet Trolling Expert
CEO of Troll Corp

Fox013422d ago

... Cahil, AlexM, Mohib

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