Developers need to temper expectations of PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a worldwide phenomenon, but make no mistake about it: it may not translate well if developers are serious about bringing it to the big screen, comic books, and turning it into a Netflix special.

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317d ago
starsi360317d ago

It’s an excellent game, but it has no defining personality or characters.

It’s like saying “everyone loves scrabble so we’re making it into a TV series”

Whatever the series is, it will be written from the ground up with very little of the current PUBG actually in it

LTJ81316d ago

My thoughts, exactly. How can anyone make a TV show or comic where players don't even have names associated with them?

3-4-5317d ago

PUBG is a copy of older games and does just enough more to gain popularity but people will get sick of it after a while once something better comes out.

Basically this:

Whoever fixes any PUBG problems and adds a ton of more content,variety and new gameplay elements, will win over a large portion of the PUBG crowd anyways.

I think it's on borrow time for now and will only be popular for another 2-3 years max, but by then I'd almost guarantee we see a better version of this from another dev leading into next gen.

Asuka317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Yeah I agree. People seem to forget, or just do not know that DayZ BR, Arma3 BR, and king of the hill H1Z1 all came before PUBG. They were also worked on by some of the same people. You can clearly see how "optimized" those games/mods were and how PUBG is literally a reharsh on UE4.

LTJ81316d ago

Great insight as I completely agree. A lot of people say Fortnite is the better game that has better graphics, gameplay, and a lot fewer bugs and issues.