Nintendo reveals the most played games on Switch since launch in North America

Nintendo has sent out new data about Switch, revealing the most played games on Switch since launch based on data collected from North America.

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Woolly_15d ago

Interesting . . You would think the Multi_player driven games would win this category.

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ShottyatLaw14d ago

Not on a Nintendo console. It is my most played system for local multiplayer, though. MK8, Snipperclips, Bomberman, etc.

fenome14d ago

Nintendo has always had the best lineups for local multiplayer.

zb1ftw77713d ago

On the Switch?


Nintendo are the best single player machines. Period.

If you want multiplayer, you go Xbox. If you want exclusives and some half decent multiplayer, you go PS4.

But if you want the absolute best , fun, single player games with the best couch coop. You always go Nintendo.

Skankinruby13d ago

You're high as a kite if you think Nintendo beats sony at single player

InTheZoneAC13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Nintendo *is*

not "Nintendo are"

TheDreamCorridor13d ago

Sony murders Nintendo at single player.

Bahamut13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The thing about consoles is that they serve different purposes for different people. You say Nintendo creates the "best single player" machines, but many look back fondly at all of Nintendo's multiplayer games. Mario 1, 2, 3, Contra, Battletoads, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, Splatoon, new mario games, and so on. So while YOU may focus on playing probably Zelda, Metroid or other single player games, many others don't see the same way you do. And stop telling people what to do and which consoles to do what on. That's stupid. All consoles have and do all of those things. Well, I mean... except for Xbox. They don't really have any games of their own at all... But let's not get into that.

RosweeSon13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Oh so you just buy an Xbox to play online games that can be played on all the other consoles 🤦🏻‍♂️ I did wonder why people were still buying Xbox, if your that deluded that Xbox is still the best online network wow! They all do exactly the same. Nintendo’s been doing it for free, hopefully it’ll get massively improved once paywall comes in but considering Xbox have been charging for the privilege for an extra 10 years or so compared to other manufacturers then sure they best have the best online as otherwise wow, they ain’t got nothing else going for them this Gen
No dispute that Nintendo Male the best single player and couch co-op games but they also make some fantastic online games too Mario Kart 8 to name 1 of many

Sony Make great games and this generation has been fantastic but they don’t have a Mario odyssey of Zelda both scoring massively across the board I really really enjoyed Horizon however Nintendo have and always will make timeless classic single players hence why people still play their offerings from the NES/SNES eras today.

LoveSpuds13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Why is everything reduced to a competition for gods sake?!

Nintendo make great games, Sony make great games, no one publisher has a monopoly of great games, single player or otherwise. Nintendo have less of a track record in respect of online multiplayer but that is simply down to their backwards thinking in respect of Online support, but with games like Splatoon, they have demonstrated they are making great strides to catch up.

You need to realise that your opinion is just that, an opinion. The way you conduct yourself on these forms is extremely aggressive and for the most part, quite childish. Learn to express your opinion in a respectful manner and be respectful of differing opinions and you stand much more chance of people taking you seriously.

Dragonscale13d ago

Nah PlayStation beats nintendo consoles on em all.

3-4-512d ago

No he's not skankinruby. A lot of PS4 games are a bit overrated, they are good, but everything Sony does gets over praised by the super hardcore Sony Fan boys.

Nintendo fanboys usually just keep to themselves and go play their games.

Not sure why there isn't one person on this site who can admit that Nintendo can do a few things better than Sony.

You guys are like Cult members. A bunch of Sony Scientologists.

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kevnb13d ago

The attach rate for the top 3 are insanely high.

Dragonscale13d ago

@wool, the only place that would happen is xbone. Not eveything revolves around multiplayer fgs.

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Pookandpie13d ago

This is a cumulative hours list, not an average hours list. Xenoblade just released (most likely around the time this list was compiled)


It’s all I play besides bf2

Gemmol13d ago

It came out late in December, there's no way in one month everyone could play it enough hours to make it on the list

Gemmol13d ago


You do know skyrim came out in November??? Or do you think it came out in December with xenoblade

So im pretty sure with the extra time skyrim had people play more hours needed to beat xenoblade

Knushwood Butt13d ago

Skyrim - 17 Nov
Xeno - 1 Dec

My point is that Skyrim is high on that list despite only being out for a few weeks.

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Ninte13d ago

My nephews and neices like to play 4 player so Mario kart and minecraft are the games get played a lot every time they come over even though I got other games on the switch.

Kosic13d ago

Not bad for skyrim, any word on sale numbers for that?
Really wanting that to do well so we could hopefully get a Fallout port.

cpayne9313d ago

I'm expecting Skyrim to sell better than most of the other third party games, it was on the top of the top downloaded list on eshop for a while.

Kosic13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I've not used my switch in a few weeks to check the eshop, since getting some PS4 games for Xmas.
But that's great news. Bring on fallout 3 NV for the switch :)

DrJones13d ago

Why did it leave the chart