BingeGamer's The Bender Podcast - Episode 016

Allison = drunk, James = coughing and playing games while we start, Mike = not the brightest bulb, yet we manage to press on somehow! Lots of Nintendo stuff (including a Nintendo themed quiz!), Microsoft stuff, and of course we can't go one episode without mentioning Rock Band, enjoy!

Show Notes:

*We have been playing: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3), Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360), de Blob (Wii)
*Activision Announces Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades
*$199 Xbox 360 and lack of big big draws might mean the last good Nintendo Christmas?
*Nintendo Quiz - James vs Mike, Final Round!
*Nintendo DSi software will be region locked
*NDS emulator
*Rumors say Microsoft to bring Blu-Ray to Xbox 360
*Microsoft says "Nuh uh!"
*Rock Band: The Television Series
*MTV Sucks

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