Disgaea 5 Complete sells 200,000 copies on Switch

NE: "Disgaea 5 Complete has done quite well for Nippon Ichi. Since the game’s launch last year, it has sold 200,000 copies on Switch around the world. That news comes directly from Sohei Niikawa, the president of Nippon Ichi. Niikawa also said that Switch is one of the platforms the company is targeting for new IPs and sequels this year."

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gangsta_red316d ago

Great news, love the series

3-4-5314d ago

Pretty good for a niche game within a niche genre. For rpgs, 200,000 is actually pretty decent...same for strategy games.

They don't usually get the millions of sales that FPS and sports games do, but hopefully this means we get Disgaea 6 for Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman315d ago

*Claps* Great news! I have the demo of Disgaea on Switch and while I don't play it much, it's still pretty fun.
I'm just not a huge strategy-RPG fan, I guess.XD But the humor and characterization is very spot on and that makes me go back to it every once in a while.
Might get the full version in the near future just to support them.

EddieNX 315d ago

the music was very catchy and it just seemed like a really good game. tempted to get it!

3-4-5314d ago

It's very fun. More stuff to do than you will ever probably accomplish. A great game to play for 2-3 weeks hardcore...put it down for a couple months...come right back to it and do it again for like 2 weeks or so and repeat. Always tons to do and the visual style with it's use of colors is pleasing to look at. Music is good as well.

Speaking of....I need to get back to playing it. Haven't beat it yet actually.

bluefox755315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I wish they'd release the PC version already, they said they were going to early last year, and have heard nothing since. Does seem like a game that'd do well on handhelds though.

DwightSchrute01315d ago

Is it on handhelds aswell? I thought it was only on the Switch. Great news, the more platforms its on the better I say, it's good for gaming.

Gemmol315d ago

It looks good on the tv for switch also so not just in handheld mode, but that's the strong point of switch a console that allows you multiply ways to play

If you do get it on switch, the developers put the PS4 achievements aka trophies in it so you can platinum it if you want.......when you get a new trophy it pops up on the screen just like the ps4 version they basically didn't change anything, at first it feels weird seeing trophies pop up in handheld mode but you get use to it, i say that because other developers leave it out in other games

Nintendo allows you to put trophies in your games but they also do not force you like Sony and Xbox so if a developer choose not to do it, they can leave it out

TheColbertinator315d ago

The Switch version is fantastic. So much content with hundreds of hours.

Tapani315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Let's say they sold a copy for JPY5000 average, and they get 20% of the total of 200,000 sales, which would be in total around 1.5 million euros ($1.7M.) If they have 25 people team they can develop with that for a year, each averaging for 60,000€ per year per employee. It's very good for a "Complete" version of a game for a platform that probably didn't require much porting work.

In total they have 250 people in their company, so this is essentially peanuts, but they need the money to focus on big projects. Nippon Ichi is a fan-service factory and they need to be able to pool resources together for each big game and have at least mediocre success with it to be profitable and grow organically.

This success should allow them financially to take at least some sort of a risk attempt at a million seller category game.

Teflon02314d ago

"but they need the money to focus on big projects. Nippon Ichi is a fan-service factory and they need to be able to pool resources together for each big game and have at least mediocre success with it to be profitable and grow organically."
What big games have they made? Not just published? Serious question, I thought the biggest game the did was disgaea and the biggest they did otherwise was just published by them, not made. They're about to celebrate and spit that money lol.

Tapani314d ago

You are absolutely right. Disgaea is their biggest self-made IP. They have a lot of low-cost-low-return visual novels and what not that they publish or joint-develop. My reasoning is that they might be putting their returns to a new Disgaea game, or perhaps to a new medium-budget IP / Series. The latter bears a medium risk and high return potential if a new non-niche audience can be reached, and the former, which is the most likely choice, would be the safe and rinse-repeat business choice. So the fundamentals would say that there will be a slightly bigger, better and deeper Disgaea 6 coming.

The real question is: How long can they keep the Disgaea series interesting while getting better ROI through sales? Just like with Rovio with Angry Birds, Nippon Ichi can always make a deeper and more varied game, but eventually it will be the same game over and over again with the same mechanics. Sooner or later, they need to broaden their in-house portfolio.