The Surge is the Most Underrated Game of 2017

With an average score of 73 on Metacritic, Deck13's The Surge is undoubtedly the most underrated and underplayed game of 2017.

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gangsta_red167d ago

Just added this to my gamefly

IamTylerDurden1167d ago

I love Deck13 but i actually thought Lords of the Fallen was better. The Surge is decent though, and they've given plenty of free DLC which is nice to see in this GaaS/MT/i wanna rape your wallet era.

gangsta_red167d ago

Awesome, I like the sci-fi theme going on in this game and I also thought Lords of the Fallen was pretty good and free DLC is always a plus.

-Foxtrot167d ago

I still think the Evil Within 2 is to be honest.

equal_youth167d ago

Agreed, both of them are. The surge had many great ideas, with a little Bit more polish It could've been even better especially within the Boss Fights.

BlackTar187167d ago

Boss fights were a big let down on an otherwise solid game.

gangsta_red167d ago

I have that in my Gamefly also

blu3_puls3167d ago

Yeah, I think The Evil Within 2 is much more underrated. The amount of improvements they made to the game is great from the first one. I just feel like it doesn't get the recognition is deserves. The Surge is also underrated, but I personally had a few issues with that game. Would love to see a sequel to it though with some improvements.

balance2theforce167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Eh, it always looked pretty dry to me. So I couldn't understand why there was really even the slightest of hype surrounding it. Guess that I could check it out though seeing that it's still being talked about a little and some feel it's underrated

LgbtWarrior167d ago

The game is just generic. If you want a souls like Game play salt n sanctuary. I played this game and it was so dull and boring I couldn’t believe it.

RememberThe357166d ago

Isn't salt and sanctuary 2D?

Asuka167d ago

eh i would say Gravity Rush 2 was the most underrated. Literally no one talks about it, and it is a great game.

NovusTerminus167d ago

I came in here to say just this. GR2 was an amazing title.

IamTylerDurden1167d ago

Agreed, Gravity Rush 2 deserved more pub, it's a better game than The Surge.

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The story is too old to be commented.