Gaming Age Online: Armored Core: For Answer Review

Gaming Age Online writes:

"Basically, I enjoyed Armored Core: For Answer, at least for the most part. It's not without quite a few flaws, and I think it could do with a bit more of a tutorial explaining the basic mechanics of the game outside of the control tutorial it includes, but once you get used to modding your mech it starts to become more manageable and interesting. There are still control issues though, some sluggish response times, and the camera isn't always ideal. The auto lock system can frustrate you if multiple targets surround you as well, especially if you're trying to focus on one particular unit. However, I appreciate the realization of scale in the game, and the overall fun you get out of just blowing things away with the different weapons you can toy around with. I'm not sure if there's been enough improvements here to appease fans, but as a player that hasn't been immersed in the Armored Core universe for a bit, I had a pretty good time."

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