Unofficial N4G Chatroom Back Online

The N4G Chat is back online! Note that this is a different chat, so if you registered for the original one you will need to re-register. This is a user-created chat, so if you feel uncomfortable about privacy, I suggest using a different password.

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chaosatom3511d ago

it's ok i guess, interface could be better. is there a official one.

B Man3511d ago

Unfortunately there isn't an official chat. I've been told by a mod that there is no plans to make one either, so this has been made in the meantime. Who knows, maybe if this gains popularity Dusty will decide to make his own official chatroom.

cp683511d ago

or is it just some website that included n4g' in its domain name?

B Man3511d ago

Read the article summary...

MrSwede3511d ago

I don't type fast enough for chatting...not in English anyway :(

B Man, you had that avatar in the forums before didn't you?

Harry1903511d ago

my friend. We need you.

B Man3511d ago

Yup, for whatever reason it didn't change on the main site and I haven't tried to change it. :P

razer3511d ago

yippee. So I can join a chatroom full of PS3 loyals who probably spend most of the time making dumb jokes, bashing MS/360, accusing the world of being anti-Sony and anti-PS3 and stroking off to LBP screenshots.

No thanks just reading the comments on this site is more N4G than I need in my life but good luck with the chat room.

Pain3511d ago

BloodMask is the king of the Forums..that will be his new home..


I love N4g! They are the most popular game news site in the world!
the last hardcore system is the best & n4g reminds me all the time!
now with the new chatroom I can talk in real time with hardcore ps3

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