GamesRadar: Operation Flashpoint 2 Preview

Imagine if you were playing a war game and you suddenly noticed that the weapon you were wielding was held together by eight-sided nuts instead of the statutory six-siders. You'd naturally be horrified, the integrity of the experience would be compromised, and you'd probably never touch it again. Thankfully, that actual problem has already been rectified, and the person responsible presumably sent to Codemasters' version of Guantanamo Bay. That said, the bloke who spotted this heinous error does admit to occasionally questioning his own sanity.

A lovely story and a pertinent example of the painstaking attention to detail going into Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, which is already threatening to be the most authentic military simulator ever made. Or at least since the groundbreaking original game, which is now a ripe seven years old; a lifetime in game development, and indeed modern warfare.

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