New Monster Hunter World Trailer in English Stars the Elder Dragons and a New Monster; Looks Epic

Following the release of the new trailer of Monster Hunter World in Japanese, the western arm of Capcom followed up via press release, revealing the English version, and new screenshots.

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81BX15d ago

Would've loved to get this for xb1 but I'll be playing on base ps4. I have a feeling it's going to be a great game

Cupofjoe14d ago

Sucks on pro couldnt imagine fps graphics on base needs pc bad

xX-oldboy-Xx14d ago

What are you talking about? Looks and plays great on Pro.

81BX13d ago

Played the beta on a base ps4. Looked good to me. Just picked up astro A10's and paid off MH. Looking forward to playing with my bro. It's funny because I swear by Xbox and him by Sony but I always pick up a PlayStation

tugnozoyda14d ago

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ChipChipperson14d ago

Nice, Teostra returns, hail to the king.