Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package Review | GES

GES Writes: "Welcome to Willamette, a town where anything is possible. Come to our Super Mall and enjoy a relaxing day out. You will be able to look forward to all sorts of activities for you and the kids; from deep tissue massages you can really sink your teeth into, to playing dress up as some of CAPCOM’s most iconic characters. For the more adventurous types, you can try your hand at brain surgery with a wrench to crafting weapons in the extremely unlikely event of a zombie outbreak. Did I say Zombie, NO! I meant state-of-the-art mobile targets! So come to Willamette where anything is possible."

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ElementX343d ago

I think the game is fun. You can explore without the timers

Devxdos99342d ago

It's so easy there's no challenge

ElementX342d ago

It's still entertaining.