Hi-Rez President Says "Battlegrounds" in Paladins: Battlegrounds is Unrelated to PUBG

Despite similarities in both gameplay and title, Hi-Rez Studios' President claims that Paladins: Battlegrounds' naming is unrelate to PUBG.

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Zeref17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Yes and paladins is in no way "inspired" by overwatch.

Jokes aside, I actually want to play this game now. A hero battle royale sounds like fun.

Rachel_Alucard16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

He always makes this statement every single time they just happen to bank on whatever hot new trend is happening. They did this with Smite, Tactics, Paladins, and they were gonna do this with Smite Rivals but canned it because clash of clans trend died by the time they announced it. Are they gonna make a crappy homunculus of FnaF and those 1st person jumpscare PT games next? You know like what RE7 did?

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