EA has a chance to reconnect with fans in 2018

2017 was a rough year for publisher Electronic Arts, with a loot box-filled controversy at the center. 2018 provides with a chance to change their outlook from the previous year.

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Kingthrash360348d ago

Yup, we'll laugh them right out the door.
!/&$ EA. Stupid &¥!^%made mother%×€£¥$

347d ago
-Foxtrot348d ago

You mean like every time they f*** up only for them to do something brand new to p*** us off again

How many chances can people give shitty companies before they wake the hell up.

Evolve348d ago

They never had... never will.

UCForce348d ago

Reconnect with their fans ? Not really. If people still blind by this, i’m sorry, but you people need to stay away abusive relationship from EA. I know not every companies are perfect but EA is just low as hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.